Executives from Du telecom attend customers at the Deira City Centre office. Image Credit: Virendra Saklani/Gulf News Archive

Dubai: UAE telecom operator du has advised its customers to be on the lookout for individuals who falsely claim to represent the company.

A new fraudulent scheme has surfaced in the UAE and this involves some people contacting residents and offering discounts on their telecom bills.

Du warned customers not to fall for such offers as they are perpetrated by individuals who use stolen credit cards.

“Be aware of people who claim to work at du and offer to pay your du bills at a discount. Please decline such offers as they use stolen credit cards,” the operator said in a message sent out to customers.

Subscribers are advised to report any fraudulent claims by calling customer care staff at 155 or sending an email to fc@du.ae.

A du spokesperson said earlier they continue to take “incidents involving fraud very seriously.” “We would like to urge all our customers that in the event of any suspected of potential scam, they should either immediately get in touch with our customer care team or approach law enforcement authorities, such as the police.”

Other important tips to keep in mind:

  • Be wary of calls asking for your bank or personal details. Du said on its website that it never asks for such information as part of any promotion or phone conversation.
  • If someone calls you to say you have won a prize, be extra careful, especially if you don’t recall participating in any raffle or competition.
  • If a caller claims to work for a telecom firm and you’re not quite sure about the authenticity, contact your service provider immediately.