Du 5g
5G services are entering UAE homes. Image Credit: Supplied

Dubai: The super-speed 5G networks are ready to enter more UAE homes, with du offering ‘unlimited 5G-powered capabilities’ for homeowners. The package start from Dh299 a month plus 5 per cent VAT.

The upgrade means ‘Home Wireless’ subscribers will be the first to access instant 5G access at home. du’s 5G Home Wireless is a plug-and-play service that also comes with unlimited data and OTT streaming capabilities. (du will offer 12-month free subscription to Amazon Prime, OSN Streaming, and beIN Connect.)

UAE’s 5G subscriber base is on the increase, particularly among businesses as well as individuals using 5G-enabled devices. Du and e& both reported steady gains on the subscriber front in their 2021 numbers.

Pushing these services into homes will speed up adoption rates, as residents get used to the capabilities these services can deliver within their home confines.