It was October 2023 that FTA brought out the EmaraTax app. As of now, a bunch of corporate tax detailing can be done using it. Image Credit: Shutterstock

Dubai: Up to 15 services related to the UAE corporate tax can be accessed through the EmaraTax app from the Federal Tax Authority, including registering for the tax. Users can also use it for changes to their registration data, de-registration, account management, and updating banking details.

The EmaraTax app was launched in October last year, and forms part of the FTA outreach to facilitate voluntary tax compliance and provide proactive services to taxpayers. It is available to users through Apple App Store and Google Play. 

Customers can also carry out procedures related to VAT and excise tax through the app, with capabilities that include registration, submission of tax returns, payment of due taxes, submitting tax refund requests for eligible categories, and submission of reconsideration requests, among other procedures.

According to Khalid Ali Al Bustani, FTA's Director-General, said: “The Federal Tax Authority has provided the EmaraTax smart application, offering taxpayers 35 digital tax services, in line with the Zero Government Bureaucracy Programme launched by the UAE Government.”

“The FTA has set ambitious development plans, in line with the Government Services Quality Charter, implementing effective transformation measures to minimise the number of required documents for service provision as much as possible.”