Raviteja Dodda, CEO and Co-founder of MoEngage
Raviteja Dodda, CEO and Co-founder of MoEngage Image Credit: Supplied

As companies worldwide navigate customer engagement in the digital-first era, MoEngage is playing a significant role in digitally transforming the way businesses connect and engage with their customers.

The San Francisco-based customer engagement platform provides technologies including artificial intelligence (AI) and machine learning (ML) for various consumer-facing businesses to build a better relationship with their customers in the digital-first era. These businesses range from retail, banks to telecom and fintech firms.

Until a few years ago, consumer brands engaged with customers on a one-to-one basis. Each time a customer walked into a retail store or a bank’s branch office, it provided an opportunity to cater to their needs and foster deeper bonds. In stark contrast, today’s millennial customers interact with brands from the comforts of their homes. Armed with smartphones and easy connectivity, customers now have a different set of expectations from brands.

A MoEngage survey found that 36% consumers prefer to shop online post the pandemic. Also, mobile banking and finance apps rank third among the most used smartphone applications this year. Customer engagement has entered the era of connected customers, and brands need to invest in the right technology to win and retain their customers.

Reimagining Customer Engagement

Over the years, consumer enterprises have invested in digital transformation to improve customer experience across offline and online touchpoints. Despite the investments, these brands lag behind new-age consumer technology companies in the way they engage customers. The reason is, enterprises might have the data, the technology stack, and the business processes in place. However, they cannot ensure that all of these work as a single unit. This is much easier said than done - such an approach can be cumbersome or nearly impossible without the right technology partner.

Insights-led Engagement for Consumer Brands

MoEngage has bridged this gap for brands in the UAE region. The platform enables an insights-led engagement approach that makes customer engagement, and retention simple for consumer brands, allowing them to innovate faster.

“MoEngage has helped us bring our automation to the next level, allowing us to improve our customer engagement across the Landmark Group apps and sites,” said Claire Adshead, CRM & Retention Manager, Landmark Group.

Forward-looking brands partner with MoEngage to adopt an insights-led customer engagement strategy. Overall, 1000+ global enterprises trust MoEngage to power digital experiences for 900 million users monthly across email, mobile, Web, social, and messaging channels. MoEngage counts McAfee, Landmark Group, Mashreq Neo, Nestle, Domino's, Deutsche Telekom, and Flipkart as customers.

“Marketers today analyze trillions of data points, understand their customers deeply, and then craft winning engagement campaigns. I am glad that our platform helps consumer brands in the UAE shift from a campaign-centric approach to a customer-centric one. I am excited about the opportunities to transform customer engagement in the future as well,” said Raviteja Dodda, CEO and Co-founder of MoEngage.

User Insights Powered by MoEngage’s AI Engine Sherpa

MoEngage brings native and ingested data into the CDP to create a unified customer profile. Brands can also integrate MoEngage with their existing tools. The AI engine Sherpa analyzes real-time data, surface insights, and fuels predictive/custom segmentation to determine who’s loyal, leaving, and lost.

“We have partnered with MoEngage over the past three years to leverage ‘Sherpa.’ This application has enabled us to understand customer behavior better, allowing us to make proactive decisions through the use of artificial intelligence,” said Sridhar Iyer, Executive Vice President & Head, Mashreq Neo.

MoEngage aims to build the most advanced customer engagement technology that helps brands execute an encompassing engagement strategy and fulfill evolving consumer needs.