Connecting Cultures: TransLinguist Interactive's platform in action, making global collaboration smooth in the Gulf and beyond.
Connecting Cultures: TransLinguist Interactive's platform in action, making global collaboration smooth in the Gulf and beyond. Image Credit: Supplied

Dubai: TransLinguist, a deep tech firm, specialising in real-time multilingual communication solutions to businesses in the Gulf Region, has introduced groundbreaking features for their product TransLinguist Interactive, the company said in a press release.

TransLinguist Interactive, the real-time multilingual communication platform, has added Speech-to-Speech Voice AI capabilities in more than 16 languages.

This breakthrough facilitates smooth multilingual interactions, particularly in remote or hybrid meeting environments, empowering the 280 million Arabic speakers across the Middle East to communicate effortlessly and ensuring recognition of their diverse dialects, it added.

Seamless integration

TransLinguist Interactive integrates seamlessly with popular platforms like Zoom, Google Meet, and Microsoft Teams. This allows clients to leverage existing communication software for routine meetings and provides participants with real-time interpretations on their mobile devices with a simple click.

In the current era of hybrid setups, aimed at cost savings and resource efficiency, TransLinguist Interactive is at the forefront of decarburization technology. This enables businesses to operate smoothly, eliminating communication barriers and resulting in substantial cost reductions in hardware requirements while advancing sustainability goals.

The AI-powered Speech-to-Speech Translations by TransLinguist Interactive breaks language barriers, offering real-time interpretations through voice AI in 16+ languages. With a specific focus on Arabic dialects among 230-280 million Arabic speakers across the Middle East, this platform unlocks opportunities for Arabic-speaking individuals and businesses, fostering global communication and understanding.

The product also offers Sign Language support for the hearing impaired and allows direct access to Sign Language interpretation in meetings, benefiting a global market of 430 million individuals.

What’s next?

"I am pleased to share the latest advancements of our product, tailored specifically for the Gulf region. Aligned seamlessly with the trends of hybrid meetings, increased digitization, and AI integration, we are expanding globally to incorporate more languages and features,” said Jawad Khan, Managing Director.

“Additionally, we are dedicated to improving our AI speech-to-speech translations for Arabic, including various dialects and speech nuances, ensuring accuracy of over 90%. These enhancements cater to sectors such as NGOs, education, and healthcare, addressing their specific needs in the Gulf region,” he added.

“TransLinguist Interactive empowers organizations to streamline multilingual conferences, enhancing efficiency and ROI by replacing legacy methods and ensuring accurate, efficient, and tailored communication. In the evolving landscape of hybrid work, we eagerly anticipate fulfilling all our client’s language service needs," Jawad Khan said.