The Myriad Dubai
The Myriad Dubai in Academic City offers 2,250+ beds, reflecting SHG and FIM Partners' commitment to quality student living. Image Credit: Supplied

Dubai: Leading developer and operator of student living communities, The Myriad, has collaborated with frontier markets asset manager FIM Partners to set a new standard in safe, affordable, and vibrant community accommodation for higher education and university students.

The development journey started in 2018, with the community opening its doors to residents during the peak of Covid-19 in 2020. Despite the pandemic's challenges, the property's successful launch during offline learning introduced a new business model through collaborations with universities offering hybrid learning, as well as institutions providing short-term courses. In the past four years, with a constantly growing student population, The Myriad Dubai has evolved into a bustling community, proudly hosting a diverse range of 128 nationalities from over 80 universities and institutions across the UAE, according to a media release.

Amidst unprecedented growth in the international education sector in the city, The Myriad Dubai is at the forefront, offering a lifestyle beyond mere housing to feature an enriching environment brimming with experiences and opportunities that appeal to students.

With the MENA region emerging as one of the world’s fastest-growing regions for higher education, the demand for premium student accommodation has surged. Dubai, serving as the commercial and educational nexus of the region, has seen its education sector nearing capacity.

Vik Rao, CEO of The Myriad and Strategic Housing Group (SHG), explained that leading the development of The Myriad Dubai, a project that not only meets but exceeds expectations for high-quality yet affordable student living, was a preparation for the growing demand with a unique offering. “At The Myriad, we’re not just creating accommodation; we’re fostering a vibrant community where students can thrive,” Vik stated.

A surge in demand

The education sector in the Middle East has grown significantly over the past few decades, and the trend is expected to continue. The Myriad Dubai, located in the heart of Dubai International Academic City, offers over 2,250 beds and demonstrates SHG and FIM Partners’ mutual commitment to raising the standard of affordable student living.

“The Myriad Dubai reflects our dedication to investments that yield both significant returns and a positive impact on our community. By focusing on the unique lifestyle demands of students, The Myriad has established itself over the years as the premier choice for student accommodation in Dubai, setting a new benchmark for the region,” remarked Fares Bou Atme, Director of Real Estate at FIM Partners. “We have shaped a community for students beyond brick and mortar, providing exposure to cultural, sports, educational, and talent events and activities,” Fares added.

Creating student communities and enhancing employment opportunities

The Myriad Dubai is not just about providing a place to stay; it’s about creating a community. Through offering employment opportunities, high-quality amenities, and support for talents and skills, The Myriad Dubai offers a comprehensive lifestyle that promotes engagement, personal growth, and networking.

“We're ready to welcome a surge of international students this summer. Dubai’s esteemed summer programs, offered by prestigious universities and institutes, have become a major draw, and The Myriad provides the perfect home base for these students. As the leading Purpose-Built Student Accommodation (PBSA) in Dubai, we offer a vibrant, community-centric living experience, with special summer rates and exciting events that will make their time in Dubai unforgettable,” Vik concluded.

The Myriad Dubai sets the standard for student lifestyle communities by emphasizing the importance of providing more than basic accommodations. The success underscores the increasing demand for quality education and student housing within the region, positioning The Myriad Dubai at the forefront of revolutionizing student living.