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Manish Paitka, CEO of Charms Education Image Credit: Supplied

Foreign students in Canada can now avail higher working hours to cover their tuition fees in addition to obtaining greater employment opportunities as well as higher immigration intake due to strong economic growth prospects, various authorities have announced in recent months. They can also benefit from one of the best co-op programmes which give them the best work experience during their studies.

Thousands of 11 and 12-grade students from the UAE will have the opportunity to meet official representatives of more than 25 universities from the USA, Canada, UK and Germany at the two-day Charms Education – Study Abroad Fair 2023 that will be held at the Radission Blu Hotel, Dubai Waterfront at Business Bay from September 30 to October 1, 2023, seeking scholarships and affordable tuition fees on their favourite academic programmes in the coming few months before the application deadline gets over for the Fall 2024 intake.

Organised by Charms Education Services, one of the largest student advisory firms that handle thousands of international students’ applications for higher studies, the Charms Education - Study Abroad Fair 2023 Dubai is expected to attract thousands of students at the two-day exhibition.

Charms Education - Study Abroad Fair 2023 Dubai takes place at a time when increased number of Grade 12 as well as graduate students prepare to apply for higher studies in Canada, USA, UK, and Germany from different curricula like the British, American, IB, CBSE, ICSE, Federal Board, etc. According to EduCanada, more than 452,000 study permit applications have been processed by various states in Canada from January 1, 2022, to the end of August 2022. During the same period in 2021, 367,000 applications were processed. This represents an increase of 23 percent, in 2022.

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Rahul Paitka, Managing Director of Charms Education Services Image Credit: Supplied

Canada has one of the best education systems with world class universities which further give the students opportunity to apply for the post graduate work permit and permanent residency options. Canada plans to accept 465,000 immigrants in 2023, 485,000 in 2024 and 500,000 in 2025 and foreign students are well-positioned to take advantage of the new immigration plan.

Immigration, Refugees and Citizenship Canada (IRCC) processed nearly 119,000 study permit extension applications in 2021, with an approval rate of 97 percent. From January 1, 2022, to the end of August 2022, more than 135,000 were processed, with an approval rate of 96 percent. In 2018, international students in Canada contributed an estimated $21.6 billion to Canada’s GDP and supported almost 170,000 jobs for Canada’s middle class.

The UAE is one of the largest source countries for universities in the Canada, USA, UK and Australia. From 22,321 in 2006, the total number of Emirati students who went to US universities spiked to 100,926 by 2015, according to a report published in Gulf News. In the 2019-20 period, however, a 12 per cent decrease was seen compared to the previous year, with numbers going down from 2,361 to 2,074 students, due to the growing number of universities in the UAE who offer similar education curricula, according to a report by the UAE Embassy in Washington, DC.

Charms Education Services has established processes to make studying abroad a smooth and organised experience for aspiring students. It ensures that students are completely satisfied with overseas education consultancy services. Once again Charms Education Services is making it possible for students and parents to meet official representatives from more than 25 premier universities and higher educational institutes from Canada, USA, UK, Germany, UAE, etc. to discuss their choice of subject, academic ambition and the scholarship opportunities as well as post study work permit information.

Mr. Manish Paitka, CEO of Charms Education and Licensed Immigration Advisor from New Zealand, says, “Charms is a leading name in the global education advisory market and we placed thousands of students in various institutes in the key international education destinations, per annum that makes us one of the largest players in the global education sector.

“We have expanded our global operations in the UAE market to help students to secure admission in internationally reputed institutions, while at the same time we also promote UAE based universities and campuses of foreign universities based in the UAE among students in other countries – as the UAE is also becoming a popular destination for higher education.

“With the tremendous success of the Charms Education Fair in 2022 at Dubai, which enhanced the knowledge and understanding of students and their parents regarding international studies, we once again proudly coming up with a bigger event this time Charms Education - Study Abroad Fair 2023 Dubai. We plan to expand our international portfolio from our new international hub in Dubai to support MENA region.”

The idea of organising the Charms Education - Study Abroad Fair 2023 Dubai is to bridge the gap between the parents and students of the GCC countries and the student recruiters and academic leaders of Canada, USA, UK, Germany and UAE and help them come closer to understand their needs and the processes involved in admission.

Charms Education - Study Abroad Fair 2023 Dubai will help qualified and eligible students from the UAE to also seek immigration, work permit and permanent residency in these countries as most of these countries are expanding their employment and immigration quota as per their current rules and regulations. New data from the US state department shows 411,131 (F-1) visas were issued in total in 2022, compared to 364,204 in 2019. Based on current trends, the government expects visa issuances for students to be even higher in 2023 than last year.

Charms is a well-known entity in the field of sending students abroad for higher education. Over years, their application processing success rate has been one of the highest. Those who have availed themselves from Charms services has now become their unsolicited promoters as they voluntarily, emphatically and enthusiastically recommend Charms and only Charms to those who like them pursue dreams of academic achievement in foreign universities.

With nearly two decades of experience in the top management in overseas education and student recruitment services, Charms Leadership holds verifiable records of success by driving revenue through employee engagement and customer satisfaction. They have a team of highly-skilled, experienced, and globally networked experts who are proud to offer expert advice that helps students to achieve their goals seamlessly. From the day the student gets in touch with Charms to the day they deliver the services students opted for, Charms Education Services supports the students in their journey to a successful career ahead.

Mr. Rahul Paitka, Managing Director of Charms Education Services, said, “Charms Education once again have been awarded as “TOP RECRUITMENT AGENCY - 2022” by many universities and colleges of Canada. With years of experience in the industry and expertise in higher education, Charms has always given the best support to study abroad aspirants.

“Our company works very closely with leading international universities and colleges that offer some of the best academic programs. The idea of organising the Charms Education - Study Abroad Fair 2023 Dubai is to help the students to get them admission in the suitable courses in the desired countries.

“We pride ourselves in the relationships we have built over the years. We share excellent bonds with our students and match them individually with counsellors who guide them through every step: from selecting a country of study to choosing a suitable program, study permit, pre-departure, travel and housing assistance.”