Skyline University College and Albertus Magnus College both feature modern, well-equipped campuses that support academic excellence and personal growth. Image Credit: Skyline

Sharjah: Skyline University College is proud to introduce its latest initiative in collaboration with Albertus Magnus College in the United States, offering students a remarkable opportunity to pursue an international degree.

This opportunity is made possible through Acadeum, a leading course-sharing network in higher education. It enables students to begin their degree journey in the United Arab Emirates and seamlessly transition to the United States for completion. Over a four-year period, students will spend their initial two years at Skyline University College, with the option to transfer earned credits to Albertus Magnus College in New Haven, Connecticut, globally recognized for its academic excellence and experiential learning.

Professor Mohammad In’airat, Vice Chancellor of Skyline University College, highlighted the significance of establishing a strong academic foundation, stating, "I am delighted to witness this agreement with Albertus Magnus College. This initiative showcases our commitment to delivering excellence in education, empowering students to pursue their academic aspirations while embracing diverse perspectives. It embodies our dedication to nurturing future leaders equipped for the global landscape."

During their tenure at Skyline University College, students will receive comprehensive education in their chosen field, benefiting from cutting-edge facilities and a supportive learning environment. These formative years are pivotal for acquiring essential skills and knowledge, establishing a robust academic and personal framework.

Upon completion of the first two years of their program at Skyline University College, students will have the choice to continue their academic journey at Albertus Magnus College or complete their degree at SUC. Additionally, students opting for credit transfer to Albertus Magnus College will be responsible for managing the visa process and arranging accommodation themselves. The time at Albertus will enable students to study in New Haven, a culturally diverse city renowned for its culture and international educational environment, culminating in the attainment of their baccalaureate degree from Albertus.

"The Dominican tradition that informs our education at Albertus Magnus College dates back more than eight centuries and has a global reach," said Albertus President Marc M. Camille, Ed.D. "Our liberal arts-based education supported by experiential learning prepares Albertus graduates for immediate and long-term career success, not just in Connecticut and our region, but across the globe. Over its nearly one-hundred-year history, Albertus has a tradition of welcoming and serving international students, and this agreement is an exciting next chapter."

This agreement offers students a distinctive and global academic experience. Throughout their time at Albertus Magnus College, students will be immersed in an international educational environment, surrounded by enriching cultural opportunities, including world-class theaters, art galleries, and museums.

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