Saudi german
Saudi German Hospital Image Credit: Supplied

The Dubai Health Authority has approved Saudi German Hospital in Dubai, as a center for clinical training for doctors, nurses and pharmacists, and it is the first private healthcare facility in the emirate to obtain this accreditation.

Dr. Reem Osman, Regional CEO of Saudi German Hospitals - UAE, said that the hospital started Clinical Training Programs for Healthcare Providers, a program that provides hands-on instruction for physicians, pharmacists and nurses to keep pace with evolving healthcare standards and international best practices.

Dr. Reem added: The program provides effective and safe clinical training services for a period of two months to two years, and the maximum number of registered trainees is 60 trainees per year.

She explained that the beneficiaries of the training program are recent graduates from Emirati and non-Emirati universities, health care providers who needs additional experience to obtain a DHA license, doctors and nurses who have left professional practice, in addition to advanced clinical training for licensed health care providers in the overall fields of doctors, dentists, pharmacists and supportive health care providers.

Dr. Reem Osman indicated that the training is in line with the accreditation requirements of the Department of Medical Education and Research Department at the Dubai Health Authority.

And she continued: Clinical training is an important aspect to achieve the necessary standards for licensing healthcare professionals in the Emirate of Dubai, where points of deficiency are identified, in line with the requirements of the unified standards for licensing health professionals.