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My Perfumes Select a new-age premium perfume brand, announced its foray into UAE luxury perfume retail sector, with the launch of its new flagship store at Dalma Mall. The brand is planning an ambitious expansion into perfume retail across the Middle East & India. The store marks a significant milestone in the Abu Dhabi perfume retail as it aims to redefine and amplify the brand shopping experience and offer customers an unparalleled selection of exclusively curated scents under “The Art of Fine Perfumery”.

Located in the heart of Dalma Mall, one of Abu Dhabi's premier shopping destinations, the My Perfumes Select flagship store curates a captivating and contemporary retail experience with a very bold, stylish, elegant and immersive in-store customer journey. The spacious and inviting ‘My Perfumes Select’ store is designed to allow the customer to relax, linger-around, discover, experiment and experience an avant-garde world of perfumes at their leisure. Sophistication, attention to detail, convenience and a delightful retail experience are at the core of the store design. A perfume lab is being designed to give the clientele an opportunity to customise their perfumes, a major part of Middle Eastern perfumery traditions.

Mr. Mustafa Firoz, Managing Director, My Perfumes Group said, “We believe, it is the right time to debut a bold and confident new-age perfume retail brand that represents the modern and progressive sensibilities of today’s Middle East and its young population. The contemporary Middle East is redefining creativity, ambition and achievement and My Perfumes Select as the UAE born brand embodies and radiates this spirit. We have debuted an entirely new concept of retail that is young, highly sophisticated, artistic experimental and futuristic.”

"We are thrilled to introduce our new store to the vibrant Abu Dhabi community. This store is a testament to our dedication to curate exceptional fragrance experiences for our valued customers. We want to offer a space where they can discover their signature scents, indulge in luxury, and feel inspired," he added.

My Perfume Select is known for curating perfumes crafted from extrait de parfum, of the most exquisite and precious fragrance ingredients sourced from around the world. This commitment to excellence ensures rich quality, exceptional sillage , and impressive longevity, setting the brand apart from others. Envisaged as a fusion of the French and Oriental fragrances, each Select fragrance tells a unique story and celebrates the timeless art of fine perfumery.

The new store offers an extensive collection of perfumes, bukhoors, and allied perfume products, catering to diverse preferences and styles.

Customers are invited to visit and embark on an extraordinary fragrance journey that combines luxury and elegance, to experience “The Art of Fine Perfumery”.