Dubai Quality Group
Dr. Hazaa Khalfan Al Nuaimi, Chairman of Dubai Quality Group Image Credit: Supplied

MBG Corporate  Services has joined Dubai Quality Group as a silver partner in a strong push to achieve their vision of promoting Dubai as a leading global economic sector through the consolidation of quality, innovation, and business excellence practices, and raising the level of professional and technological performance in the business sector in the UAE.

In light of this strategic partnership, the two parties seek to consolidate bridges of cooperation and facilitate the exchange of experiences in the field of certified training programs, webinars, consultations for institutional excellence, innovation, and continuous improvement organized by the group.

Dr. Hazaa Khalfan Al Nuaimi, Chairman of Dubai Quality Group, expressed his aspiration for the partnership, saying, “We are pleased to have MBG Corporate Services as a silver partner for the group. This partnership is one of the DQG pillars that will contribute to strengthening our mission based on business excellence and quality, raising the level of our services for the better. Through this partnership, we can create an innovative platform for decision-makers locally and internationally.

"It is also a new qualitative addition to the group’s journey, which will lead to attracting more prominent organizations in the business sector. We will strive through this partnership to provide more business excellence practices, innovation, and applying the international quality standards that would promote sustainable long-term development in the UAE.”

Mayur Batra, Chairman of MBG Corporate Services Image Credit: Supplied

“I am delighted at this partnership, which perfectly reflects our shared values and visions. It flows naturally from our shared commitment to excellence, integrity, and innovation. We are excited at MBG Corporate Services to embark on this journey with Dubai Quality Group to further enhance the culture of excellence and innovation in the UAE and the wider region,” said Mayur Batra, Chairman of MBG Corporate Services.

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Dubai Quality Group is a platform for exchanging knowledge and best practices, besides organizing international and local awards, conferences, certified training, free seminars, and workshops related to quality and excellence standards. Also, it provides Consulting services, Benchmarking, and a database that includes Lots of resources and information to develop and move confidently towards competitive excellence continuously.