Syed Tariq, CEO of Mala Yachts Image Credit: Supplied

Mala Yachts, a renowned provider of luxury yachts rental, sees a bright outlook for luxury yachts and is thrilled to announce the launch of its stunning new website for rising yachting members in the UAE.

The new portal is aimed at delivering an unparalleled user experience for customers in the world of luxury yachting especially in Dubai.

Understanding the paramount importance of an engaging online presence, Mala Yachts has invested significant resources into the development of a visually striking and user-friendly platform.

The newly-unveiled Mala Yachts website showcases an exquisite fusion of captivating visuals, intuitive navigation, and comprehensive information.

From the moment visitors arrive, they are greeted by a visually immersive experience that beautifully captures the opulence and allure of yachts. Through high-resolution images, elegant typography, and thoughtfully curated content, the website effortlessly transports users into the world of luxury yachting.

A primary objective of the website redesign was to enhance the user experience. Mala Yachts has placed utmost importance on user-friendly navigation, ensuring that customers can seamlessly explore different yacht categories, access detailed specifications, and delve into comprehensive information.

"We are delighted to present our esteemed customers with our new website design," said the CEO of Mala Yachts Syed Tariq.

"We firmly believe that our enhanced online platform will not only showcase the beauty and craftsmanship of our luxury yachts but also provide an immersive and enjoyable experience for customers as they embark on their yacht charter journey."

The luxury yachts — often described as floating villas — have lounge areas that double as outdoor cinemas and walk around paths that skirt the boat.

In addition to the visually captivating design and improved user experience, the Mala Yachts website offers a range of features designed to assist customers in making informed decisions.

With the launch of this innovative website, Mala Yachts invites all yacht enthusiasts and customers to explore the platform and indulge in a virtual experience that brings them closer to their dreams of yachting.

Dubai is now home to 15 vibrant marinas with more than 3,000 docking spots, many of which can comfortably accommodate superyachts and mega yachts.

The global luxury yacht market six reached at $6.5 billion in 2021 and will hit $11.8 billion by 2027, according to a report. It is expected to grow at 10.9% CAGR during the 2022-27, the report said.

To embark on a journey of luxury and unparalleled customer satisfaction, visit the all-new Mala Yachts website at