Key One Realty
Karthik Ramachandran, CEO of Wellcube.Life, and Diana Magariu, CEO of Key One Realty Group at Tranquil Wellness Residences in Dubai Image Credit: Supplied

Dubai’s real estate market is set to experience a revolution as Key One Realty Group in associations with Wellcube.Life partners with Harmonic Shapes to introduce the first-of-its-kind bio-geometry interior design philosophy in 80 selected wellness residences in their latest holistic wellness development, Tranquil Wellness Residences.

The collaboration aims to promote well-being, balance, and harmony by creating a special relationship between shape and energy, offering a unique and exceptional living experience in the dynamic city of Dubai for the very first time.

Harmonic Shapes has full exclusive rights to the patented bio geometric shapes such as Harmony, Centering, Balancing, and Synergy. Research studies have shown that these shapes not only enhance human health and well-being by balancing the body’s energy system and biological functions, but also effectively reduce stress caused by electromagnetic radiation, improving its overall vitality.

The philosophy of bio-geometry emphasizes a special relationship between shape and energy to enhance and promote energetic balance within our living environment whether it be in our homes, offices, or even healthcare facilities like hospitals, clinics, spas, rehabilitation centers, and more.

Tranquil Wellness Residences

"In an urban city where opulence and extravagant decor are typically the focus of the real estate developers, we prioritize building science and wellness technologies to elevate the quality of living spaces and foster the well-being of residents. Thus, partnering with Key One Realty to introduce 80 selected residential apartments branded by Harmonic Shapes was an obvious choice,” says Karthik Ramachandran, CEO of Wellcube.Life.

This new project in Dubai, Tranquil Wellness Residences developed by Wellcube, features 40 levels of wellness tower, 170 wellness hotel apartments, 80 wellness residences, with over 63,000 sq. ft. wellness amenities featuring the best of eastern and western therapeutic practices, wellness technologies and equipment. With over 40 global wellness partnerships, Wellcube.Life is set to transcend the real estate market in the region and pave the way to create more human centric wellness buildings in this region.

“This is the first time in the Middle East! We're bringing the concept of Harmonic Shapes to life at Tranquil Wellness Residences. You won’t find this anywhere else in the region. With the advent of bio-geometry interior design, a new wave of innovation is about to sweep Dubai's real estate market. The Tranquil Wellness Residences represent the vanguard of this wellness revolution, setting the standard for others to follow.” says Diana Magariu, CEO of Key One Realty Group.

The collaboration between Key One Realty Group, Wellcube.Life, and Harmonic Shapes serves as a remarkable model of how knowledge and skill, creativity, design, and wellness can join forces to produce an extraordinary living experience.