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Discus Holdings is a team of professionals with more than 20 years of experience providing services in the area of second citizenship and residence planning, financial planning and tax consulting. The company founders are lawyers of international level.

We assume the international residency and citizenship by investment business grew very fast in the last 10 years, furthermore the market of European citizenship by investment programs is changing fast. Recently Cyprus suspended and Malta reconstructed their passport schemes, only Austria's elite and exceptional citizenship program for wealthy investors remained unchanged.

As we see now Montenegro offers the most affordable European citizenship in 2021, and Montenegro passport holders will enjoy the EU's advantages.

What are the advantages of Montenegro CBI program?

First of all, if we compare it with other programs, Montenegro offers more cost-effective real estate investments than other citizenship or residency programs.

The primary investment in exchange for Montenegrin citizenship is the purchase of qualified touristic properties either in the beautiful Northern part of the country (€250,000), or at the seaside (€450,000). And the applicant must also pay €100,000 as a contribution to the state.

This investment is enough for a family to become citizens and financially dependent children included without age restrictions.

We have to highlight that real estate investments can be liquidated once the project is completed which means there is no 5-year minimum holding period like in other CBI programs.

Among its advantages, holders of the Montenegro passport have Schengen access, furthermore they can apply for E-2 visa in order to work in the United States through their investment in a U.S. enterprise.

As we understand our clients need a strong passport and not just a travel document. When the country joins the EU, the travel document will become one of the strongest in the World, as Montenegro is a friendly nation, without any political or historical issues against other countries of the World, which helps a lot to reach visa-free access.

Based on our professional experience the whole process takes only 3 months so this could be one of the fastest citizenships by investment procedures.

We have to emphasize that the Montenegro Citizenship by Investment Program has only three official agents, and Discus Holdings Ltd is one of the three authorised agents. It means that clients can apply directly at the source without the fees of intermediary agents.

When will Montenegro join the European Union?

Montenegro officially applied to join the European Union on 15 December 2008. Moreover, the EU granted formally candidate status to Montenegro on 17 December 2010.

According to the research of the Delegation of the European Union to Montenegro 77,6% of Montenegrin citizens have a very positive attitude towards the European Union.

Montenegrin citizens mentioned the better future and improved standard of living as their first association about the EU. It's also essential to notice that Montenegro adopted the euro as currency voluntarily in 2002.

After all the 33 screened chapters opened, and the next enlargement circle of the EU is so far scheduled for 2025 for Montenegro.

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