Ala Dawod, Interim CEO at CASHU Image Credit: Supplied

Dubai: CASHU was founded in 2002. During its journey, CASHU saw fundamental pivots to cater to the MENA region’s needs to move towards financial inclusion, one of which was the complete transformation into the super app through a comprehensive e-Wallet, which was only achieved after the conclusion of the region’s first Management Buyout in late 2017, led by Mr. Sulieman.

Since then, CASHU has focused on enriching its offerings to provide a bouquet of financial services to help millions of users enjoy a cashless lifestyle, along with building its foundations to meet the various compliance requirements, and investing heavily in its technologies, which has resulted in exponential growth. Even during the COVID-19 pandemic tough times, CASHU has been able to achieve a steady average growth of around 140% year over year.

The successor of Mr. Suleiman will be Mr. Ala Dawod, the Head of Marketing at CASHU, who will be serving as an Interim CEO. “Talents have always led the change in our region,” said Thaer, “and with a new blood, comes the dedication and disruption in innovation, especially when there is an undeniable belief in the organization’s purpose, along with the strong experience that I found in Mr. Dawod, unparalleled by any other candidate.”

Mr. Dawod comes with a rich experience in the Tech, Media, Entertainment, Gaming, and FinTech fields. He was an Ex-Yahoo! who has joined CASHU after the Management Buyout, re-invented its marketing strategies, learned the complexities of the FinTech industry, and risen to the challenge to help steering the business in an ever-growing and extremely diverse region like the MENA region, with his unshaken belief in building the future and paving the way to financial inclusion.

“I am extremely honored to be offered this opportunity,” Said Ala, “and I am determined to continue doubling down on the CASHU foundation and its mission to march towards a cashless society, to help people in the MENA region manage all their finances from the palm of their hands, and to become the next Unicorn in the region.”

While Mr. Dawod will serve as an Interim CEO, Mr. Thaer Suleiman will continue to serve as a consultant to CASHU on strategic projects and initiatives, while investing more in the FinTech space within the Middle East, Africa, and Turkey. For more information about CASHU, please visit