Vazir Group is offering the best opportunity to all nurses in the UAE to achieve their full potential and career advancements in the US. If you are a Registered Nurse with more than a year of experience and are currently looking for a competitive pay along with a better work-life balance, our team of immigration experts will review your details and schedule an interview for you with top-rated employers from the US. This is one of the fastest and easiest pathways to a green card for you and your family, without any charges to the candidate.

Apply today with us and get the chance in any of the big states such as New York, Texas, Ohio, South Carolina, Georgia, Tennessee, Pennsylvania, Mississippi, Florida…

The Portugal Golden visa programme has gained its popularity by providing tax havens and multiple pathways to mitigate various financial risks for investors and wealthy business owners.

Additionally, by investing only 280,000 euros you can get the Portuguese passport, which allows you to live and work anywhere in Europe.

At Vazir Group, you be provided with a full spectrum of advisory services and assistance to help you find the best investment options based on your preferences and profile.

We give complete attention to every step and make it run smoothly in order to provide you with a timely result.