Compassiviste Publishing
Image Credit: Compassiviste Publishing

Compassiviste Publishing, a non-profit publishing house dedicated to amplifying voices for empathy, justice, and environmental responsibility, has unveiled its latest collection, "The Always Love Series," authored by its founder Ali Horriyat.

"The Always Love Series" consists of four digital books that contribute to the publishing house's repertoire of socially conscious narratives. Each book addresses various global social challenges and explores how love and compassion can serve as transformative forces towards creating a more empathetic world.

The first book, "A Natural World in Love," delves into the underlying causes of the environmental crisis, particularly its connection to capitalism. It examines potential solutions centered around living in harmony with the natural world. Ali Horriyat explains, "We find ourselves at a critical juncture between environmental disaster and a sustainable future. 'A Natural World in Love' offers a glimpse into what that brighter path could entail."

In the second book, "The Spiritual Society," Horriyat advocates for a departure from the prevailing capitalist mindset, where financial gain and competition often overshadow global well-being and environmental stewardship. Instead, he envisions a world where individuals and communities prioritize the collective welfare of all life on Earth, fostering empathy, cooperation, and respect for every being.

Book three, "Walking the Spiritual Path," reconnects readers with their spiritual essence through essays on discovering deeper meaning, purpose, and connection with the Divine. It reminds us that life extends beyond the daily grind of work and social interactions.

Lastly, in the fourth book, "Love and Humanity," Horriyat explores a vision of a world guided by compassion in all human interactions. The book examines what it means to be human, exploring our strengths, weaknesses, and pivotal challenges. Horriyat remarks, "'Love and Humanity' aims to foster a profound appreciation for our shared humanity and ponders the transformative potential of placing compassion at the core of our actions."

"The Always Love Series" exemplifies Compassiviste Publishing's commitment to inspiring collective action for a more compassionate society. All net profits from book sales support the Compassiviste Foundation, a registered charity dedicated to addressing various urgent global issues. Compassiviste Publishing encourages submissions from authors at any career stage whose work aligns with their vision for a better world.