BRANDS Summer Festival Sale at Ibn Battuta Mall Image Credit: Supplied

BRANDS has just launched its summer festival sale and it is full of this season's top trends. To facilitate an efficient and enjoyable customer experience, BRANDS curated their own shopping hacks below.

Find the best value for money products

BRANDS’ stores are well-known for their unique in-store visual merchandising. Items on sale are often placed in front of the shop to draw customers' attention. BRANDS always remain true to their motto; providing high quality products at affordable prices. High quality is not confined to specific items but pervades every piece across the store.

If there is a general philosophy that BRANDS epotimises, it is that exquisite fashion does not require a high budget with the presence of quality pieces; that’s what BRANDS constantly offers.

BRANDS’ collections always provide value for money. They offer unparalleled style and quality for a fraction of the cost. They cater for a multitude of products ranging from suits, shirts, blazers, t-shirts, chinos and a wide range of garments for men’s fashion. They are manufactured to the ideal quality and fit through high calibre fabrics and bespoke designs.

The brand is also known for offering best-buy deals and running their “Factory Price” offer throughout the year with products being sold at wholesale price.

Saving more on bundles

BRANDS' pricing strategy is by far the most competitive in the formal wear industry. If spending Dh475 on the perfect suit does not convince you, how about getting two pieces for Dh795? BRANDS’ competitive prices are never a compromise on quality; their products compete with market leaders and offer superior value.

If you prefer a breathable and relaxed summer outfit, their new linen shirt collection is unbeatable selling 2 items for Dh195 . A man can complete their look with two sleek pairs of trousers for Dh125.

For office-ready essentials, BRANDS offer an array of formal shirts which a customer can get in bundles for Dh125 and Dh155.

Register & get exclusive invites

BRANDS provide unique advantages for their members such as discount coupons, redeemable points, rewards and special offers. They offer an instant 10% discount on their online store sign-up.

Aside from rewards and discounts, loyal customers have exclusive access to sales, special services and tier level benefits.

Each tier level reward allows customers to earn more points, experience more personalised customer care, reserve collections exclusive for members and get a first-hand experience on new products or upgrades.

Don't be afraid to ask

BRANDS’ employees are trained to attend to all customers' needs expeditiously both online and offline. The company does not apply a one-solution-fits-all approach to customer service but rather treats each customer concern uniquely.

When shopping at BRANDS, customers are encouraged to ask staff to assist them in finding items and enquiring about offers and product features. It never hurts to ask about what's available and what the brand can offer.

To explore BRANDS’ unique product range, visit