MoEngage Azadea Customer Story GN
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Middle-East’s premium brand Azadea Group is a customer-centric player in the retail segment. In the 44 years since their first store launch, the brand has kept pace with the market developments through proactive globalization and digitalization initiatives. Over 600 outlets and an online presence have enhanced their customer engagement, further strengthened now through a centralized data platform that works as an omnichannel CRM tool.

The Group partnered with MoEngage before launching their E-commerce platform MoEngage is an insights-led engagement platform that helps customer-obsessed consumer brands win and delight customers. With AI-powered customer journey orchestration, personalization capabilities, and in-built analytics, MoEngage has enabled hyper-personalization at scale across mobile, email, web, SMS, and other messaging channels for Azadea.

Towards enhanced customer engagement

Azadea realized the need for unified customer data to provide the best shopping experience and offer deep customer insights based on customer needs across geographies and demographics. Although their overall engagement and experience strategy was strong, Azadea realized they lacked the ability to execute ‘hyper-personalization’ at scale and across touchpoints.

The purpose was clear: to install an omnichannel platform based on an insights-led engagement strategy and get a 360° view of their customers. This was achieved by building a data warehouse to understand customers at every stage, creating end-to-end customer engagement campaigns, and improving conversions and purchases using personalized communication.

“We were looking for a CDP (customer data platform) which can work as an omnichannel CRM tool and support multi-channel communication and analytics,” says Mr. Shaheer Usmani, Head of E-commerce Marketing for Azadea Group. After reviewing various platforms offering all these features, Azadea zeroed in on MoEngage’s insights-led customer engagement platform.

With this partnership in place, Azadea performs all of its data analysis and campaigns from MoEngage’s single platform. This not only negates multiple data creations but also helps the brand move away from a campaign-centric approach towards a customer-centric strategy.

“Adopting a hyper-personalized marketing strategy powered by data and AI gives us the instant capability to see, react, and choose personalized actions based on a customer’s profile,” says Mr. Abhishek Tiwari, Manager CRM at Azadea Group.

Data integration for customer data warehouse

The first aspect of the 360° view approach was integrating offline and online data on the MoEngage platform. The team got an omnichannel view of customers by segmenting them based on demographics, preferences, and buying habits, yielding insights on customers’ buying patterns and journeys. They used these insights to create action-driven campaigns on the MoEngage platform. The next step was to send unique messages to different cohorts of customers based on their buying journeys.

The team also opted for an omnichannel integration of SMS and WhatsApp as offline transaction channels. The omnichannel journeys have reduced churn and increased repeat purchases.

Azadea has seen noticeable changes after this implementation, beating market benchmarks: follow-up purchases using trending products and back-in-stock products, reduced cart abandonment using price drop alerts, cross-sell using new products with special prices and sending out daily communication on low-stocked products.

Staying true to its core value, Azadea Group continues to extend its customer-centric values across its digital customer interactions.