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New HR and employee benefit management platform from Chedid Capital is aimed at SMEs. (Image used for illustrative purposes.) Image Credit: Shutterstock

Dubai: The insurance focussed Chedid Capital has launched a platform for HR and employee benefit management.

The ‘E-Darat’ system will help businesses navigate “challenges” associated with people productivity and resource management. “E-Darat’s role in this chain is to simplify complex technology for businesses and people to help them better manage their time and resources,” said Farid Chedid, Chairman and CEO at Chedid Capital Holding.

“Technology often moves at a pace too overwhelming for businesses, and more so for SMEs. We believe in making it accessible and approachable to level the playing for businesses of the future, enabling people to focus on what they do best, and spend time where it matters most.

“Simply put, we want to help SMEs and businesses of all sizes manage the delicate balancing act between their operational efficiency, business profitability, and employee productivity.”