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We took the pandemic in our stride and picked out the positive points that came to the surface during the pandemic. For example, the sales teams could not travel easily, and quite a lot of work was therefore done over Zoom and team meetings online. This resulted in saving time, money, energy and effort. In fact, it ended up increasing the efficiency of TAM. We never considered any layoffs or salary reductions during the pandemic.

The chemical sector, in general is flourishing and the petrochemical sector in particular is booming. Technology has aided our chemical sector to become more efficient and environment friendly.

Our aim is to be a green company and to reduce our carbon footprint significantly over the next ten years.

The shipping industry is vital for our business. And for the last one year and probably the next one year we see a lot of challenges in finding ships that will take the goods to our customers quickly and with reasonable cost.

Remote access for our sector has mixed results. The human touch and person-to-person contact in the real sense is required, although Covid-19 taught us how to get quite a few of our operations done remotely.

I am the Founder, Chairman/CEO of this company and have been at the helm of all affairs for the past 32 years. In a few years, my son will take on the role of CEO of the firm and has been groomed for the post for the past 9 years. I will continue to be Chairman.

It is absolutely true that without the Government’s incentives and the pro-entrepreneurship approach we would not have achieved the tremendous success we have. The UAE and Dubai Government have been extremely supportive and gone to great lengths to promote the business in the country.

We have comprehensively covered the Middle East and Africa markets, and for the next two years we aim to penetrate the Indian subcontinent and certain countries in North Africa.

The area of growth is the Indian Subcontinent and East Asia and we will soon set up offices in those regions in order to develop our business there. We are also planning on adding capacity to produce certain specialty chemicals in the UAE. The UAE is a fantastic country and has a vibrant business environment. We have found it to be a country of great Barakah or blessing.

Leadership in the post Covid world will be challenged immensely. The successful will be those who adapt more to the digital world.

Incorporation of technology is vital to the survival and significant growth and progress of businesses all over the globe in the post-Covid era.