PT Golden Visa
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PTGoldenVisa is a one stop shop service provider on the Portugal Golden Visa programme. The company has an outstanding 100 per cent approval rate in all applications submitted and has been awarded every year as the best service provider for golden visa investors. With offices in Portugal and Dubai, managed by two local experienced Portuguese managers and with a team of more than 40 people, PTGoldenvisa is able to provide investors with the best and most profitable investments.

The Portuguese Golden Visa Program targets high profile non European investors interested in having a backup plan for their future generations. The Advantages of such Program is unique for investors, allowing them, and their family members, to freely travel, work, live and study in all Schengen countries.

The Portuguese residence permit programme, also known as the golden visa, is a scheme that grants investors access to Portuguese residency and citizenship, through investments starting at 280.000 eur. The Portuguese Golden Visa keeps on being awarded the best available program to guarantee a safe backup plan to investors and family members.

Mainly because it is the only program in Europe that allows investors and their families to access European Citizenship in a minimum period of 5 years without requiring to relocate. The Portuguese passport consistently ranks among the most powerful and travel-friendly, granting visa-free access to more than 170 countries. In addition, investors when approved on the residency permit program, immediately gain the use of Portugal’s public hospitals at no charge, as well as access to European universities and job markets.

In Portugal, to apply for the Golden Visa cards through real estate investors are required to make an investment that starts from 280.000 Eur; or Alternatively, Golden Visa applicants can obtain access to the scheme through investment in a Portuguese Investment Fund –- with a minimum value of €350,000.

The investment options to qualify investors for Golden visa will be increasing in value from January 2022. We highly recommend our investors, interested in accessing the best residency program in Europe, to proceed as fast as possible for their investments in order to be able to reach the better investment options.

Just Contact us NOW and we are able to guarantee your family process remotely or in person, with the best and most profitable investments! PTGoldenvisa is ready to deliver.