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Axiom Mark stands tall as one of the most successful, finest and top-rated business set-up consulting firms in the UAE for over two decades. Its client-centric approach and attitude have laid a strong foundation in the business set-up industry. We believe we can be the catalyst to aid start-ups to achieve business success seamlessly, positively and professionally.

The landscape of business set-up in the UAE is experiencing an enormous shift, especially by new trendsetting business sectors like renewable energy, e-commerce, fintech, AI etc.

The UAE’s Green Agenda 2030 was launched to increase the UAE’s GDP by 4 to 5 per cent. The country has adopted many sustainable energy practices that promote and foster a greener future. In addition, the UAE government offers lucrative rebates and concessions to companies that have a core focus on sustainability and renewable energy, encouraging more and more entrepreneurs to venture into it.

At Axiom Mark, we cater to many specialised industries by providing comprehensive company incorporation services, including legal structuring, and regulatory compliance solutions based on various jurisdictions. We offer the right visa assistance by furnishing them with necessary regulations that are obligatory in the UAE.

Additionally, the Golden Visa is a 10-year, long-term residency permit, which allows an individual to live, work or study in the UAE without the need for a sponsor. The Golden Visa is granted to people from different categories, including entrepreneurs and investors. Entrepreneurs can take advantage of this opportunity to establish or expand their business ventures in the region. This will draw a pool of global talent to invest and expand their businesses in the UAE. We help businesses to design and create a successful roadmap enabling them to move forward strategically and tactfully.

Right from choosing the right jurisdiction to incorporating new regulations by the authorities to providing legal services, entrepreneurs can seek positive business direction from our specialised and experienced consultants who offer holistic business set-up solutions to our clients and help them fly towards the road to success. To know more, log on to or feel free to reach us on 04 370 5787.