Thani Ahmad Al Thani

A 33-year-old Emirati, Al Thani has been working at ATC for 14 years.

He started off his career with the Emirates Aviation College in Dubai, and worked his way up to his current position – Dubai Tower Team Leader.

In his highly stressful job, Al Thani said much of his positive outlook and motivation comes with working with great colleagues. He has no regrets. Al Thani said: “I started from scratch when I began work. I always look forward to the next day and the challenges it brings. I enjoy coming in on different shifts with my colleagues. We work as a team.”

For Al Thani, the support is imperative for a smooth-flowing operation.

He said: “So far, I didn’t encounter anything dramatic in my career... apart from the dramatic everyday things that happen.”

Mohammad Al Shamsi

Al Shamsi, a 29-year-old Emirati, has been working at the ATC as an air traffic controller for the past 10 years.

Young and diligent, Al Shamsi worked at the Dubai International Airport before joining a training programme at Emirates Aviation College, which eventually led him to the ATC.

He said: “Being an air traffic controller makes me proud because it’s such a difficult job. But more than that, I’m happy to be part of such a busy airport and industry.”

Mansour Juma Al Beloushi

Stress is no stranger to this 39-year-old Emirati. Before becoming an air traffic control supervisor in 2007, Al Beloushi was a police officer.

He remained in that role for 14 years, before changing tracks to the ATC.

Al Beloushi said he always had a soft spot for travel and aviation, and so decided to make the switch.

Reflecting on the two professions, he said: “Both environments are quite challenging. I can’t say one is more difficult than the other. Here, we are always busy... we have to concentrate every second.”

It’s why Al Beloushi has given ATC a new moniker — “Always Think Carefully” — and it’s why he has stayed, five years on.