Dubai: A full complement of 30 British aviation-related companies were part of a British delegation on hand for Dubai Airshow on Monday to support the UAE as an important economic and military partner in the region, said Lieutenant-General Tom Beckett, Defence Senior Advisor Middle East at the UK Ministry of Defence, who attended the Dubai Airshow.

Beckett told Gulf News the Dubai Airshow is a “fantastic opportunity to showcase British expertise” and said it also was a venue to meet with bilateral members.

Beckett noted that the UK delegation observed some “very impressive flying, impressive capabilities,”

British military were also on hand for an unrelated Air Tactic and Leadership Course taking place with hosts UAE Air Force for an operational training exercise that involved other partner countries as well, Beckett said.

“You have to continually show commitment to the region — we have the second largest naval contingent [in the Gulf] and the second largest aerial capability in Iraq,” said Beckett. “We support our partners in all ways in one way or another.”