Abha airport 20190612
The proposed expansion of Abha will see the airport capable of handling 13 million travellers a year. Image Credit: AFP

Dubai: A masterplan has been issued for the Saudi Abha International Airport and which would allow it to handle 13 million passengers annually, state news agency Spa has announced. The Matarat Holding Company and the Asir Development Authority will oversee the expansion of Abha airport.

The masterplan was worked out in a way to achieve the national strategies for civil aviation and tourism. Mohammad Al Mowkley, CEO of Matarat, said once completed, the new airport will accommodate more than 13 million passengers a year, compared to the current capacity of 1.1 million passengers. The airport will serve more than 95,000 flight services a year, compared to 35,000 flights at present.

“Matarat, a joint stock company and a subsidiary of the General Authority of Civil Aviation. in cooperation with relevant authorities, strives to make the design of the new airport in consistent with the architectural identity of the Asir region, and as a major source for promoting tourism in the region,” he said.

The project will include the construction of a new passenger lounge over 65,000 square meters, compared to the existing 10,700 square meters, in addition to a parking area for more than 2,200 cars, which is double the current size.