From left to right: Mohammad Al Banna, Senior Manager, Operations Delivery, Jubran Al Breiki, Head of EAS Ground; Basma Soumar, Senior Manager, Quality & Operations Control, Nasser Al Marzooqi, Senior Manager, Projects (Cargo); and Marwan Al Shehhi, Senior Manager, Baggage. Image Credit: COURTESY ETIHAD

Abu Dhabi: Etihad Aviation Group announced the appointment of a number of UAE nationals in key positions at its division Etihad Airport Services (EAS) Ground with operations expected to move to the new Midfield Terminal in 2019.

EAS manages Etihad Aviation Group’s investment in the support businesses including catering, ground handling and cargo logistics operations.

The new appointment announced on Monday include Jubran Al Breiki as Head of EAS Ground, Mohammad Al Naqbi as Senior Manager, Ramp Operations and Nasser Al Marzooqi, Senior Manager, Projects (Cargo).

Other appointments include Mohammad Al Banna, Senior Manager, Operations Delivery; Marwan Al Shehhi, Senior Manager, Baggage; and Basma Habib, Senior Manager, Quality & Operations Control.

“These six aviation professionals each have a key role to play in the division and, alongside their colleagues, will ensure that the next two years as we transition to the Midfield Terminal, will be successful,” said Khaled Al Mehairbi, Senior Vice-President and General Manager of Etihad Airport Services Ground in a statement.

During the peak period, from June through to mid-September this, EAS handled more than 19,000 flights which were operated by 29 airlines, carrying 3.5 million passengers and 4.3 million bags.

EAS will be investing heavily in each of its businesses through new infrastructure, new technology and new processes to support this future growth opportunity as Abu Dhabi International Airport and Etihad Airways plan their transition to the new Midfield Terminal, the statement said.