Dubai: An Emirates Boeing 777-300ER was grounded in the United States on Sunday after one of its engines caught fire at Boston Logan International Airport.

The small engine fire ignited when flight EK237 was landing at the Boston airport, an Emirates spokesperson told Gulf News in an email.

The Dubai-to-Boston flight was carrying 368 people on board.

The fire was quickly extinguished, the airline said, and there were no reported injuries among the 349 passengers and 19 crew members.

It was not immediately clear what caused the fire.

An airline spokesperson said: “Engineers from Emirates and GE [General Electric] are working to resolve the issue.”

“This occurrence falls under the jurisdiction of the US National Transport Safety Bureau (NTSB),” said Khalid Al Raisi, Director Air Accident Investigation at the General Civil Aviation Authority (GCAA), in an email to Gulf News.

“[The] GCAA is in close contact with the investigation bureau to support their investigation process. Our team of investigators will remain on standby to provide all necessary details,” he added.

 The NTSB, which is responsible for investigating and determining the cause of civil aviation accidents in the US, later told Gulf News they would not be opening an investigation.

The US Federal Aviation Administration (FAA), however, told Gulf News by email that they will be looking at the incident.

Sunday’s incident sparked a 12-hour delay for passengers booked to travel on the return Boston-to-Dubai route. With an aircraft grounded in Boston, Emirates has dispatched a second Boeing 777-300ER to collect the passengers that were due to fly to Dubai on Sunday.

The Emirates spokesperson said, flight EK238 to Dubai, which was scheduled to arrive on Monday evening, is now expected to land in Dubai on Tuesday morning.

“Emirates apologises for the inconvenience; its paramount consideration at all times is the safety of its passengers and crew,” the spokesperson said.