Dubai: Emirates, Etihad Airways and Qatar Airways cancelled flights scheduled to depart Brussels on Tuesday after the airport closed following explosions there.

Twin explosions ripped through Brussels Airport on Tuesday at 8am Belgian time with a third, undetonated bomb later found and destroyed by security services. Another bomb exploded at a metro station in Brussels.

All transportation services including the airport were shutdown, which were later claimed by terrorist group Daesh. At least 30 were reported to have been killed in the blasts and over 180 were injured.

The airport closure meant Emirates, Etihad Airways and Qatar Airways cancelled Tuesday’s flights. The three Gulf carrier are also cancelling Wednesday’s services to and from Brussels with the airport to remain closed.

Emirates diverted its daily flight to Brussels on Tuesday to Düsseldorf in Germany following the explosions.

The airline said it was monitoring the situation in Brussels and is looking at alternative arrangements in Dusseldorf to get passengers to their final destination, an airline spokesperson told Gulf News in a statement.

“The safety of our passengers, crew and staff is always our top priority and will not be compromised.”

Etihad Airways and Qatar Airways flights landed at Brussels Airport on Tuesday morning around an hour before the blasts. Etihad’s return flight to Abu Dhabi was due to depart at 9am and Qatar Airway’s flight to Doha was due to fly out at 10.10am. The airlines were forced to cancel both flights due to the airport closure.

Etihad said it is monitoring the situation and advised its passengers to contact is call centres on +971 (0) 2599 0000 or +32 (0) 22 00 8880 or check its website for updates. The airline said it would provide assistance to passengers who miss their connecting flight as a result of the airport closure.

Two Jet Airways cabin crew members were injured in Tuesday blasts, a source told Gulf News. The airline later confirmed the injuries.

Qatar Airways told Gulf News that “initial reports indicate all Qatar Airways staff, customers and aircraft are safe.”

Etihad confirmed that its crew members and ground staff at Brussels Airport were safe.