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A model of a Greater Bay Airlines aircraft is seen during an agreement signing ceremony with Boeing in Hong Kong. Image Credit: REUTERS

Hong Kong: Hong Kong’s newest carrier Greater Bay Airlines ordered 15 Boeing 737-9 Max jets and committed to five 787s as it looks to rapidly expand its network.

The Max order is worth around $785 million, according to figures from aircraft appraiser Avitas, while the five Dreamliners are worth $722 million, based on the 787-9 model and factoring in standard industry discounts.

“The new order will bring fantastic growth possibilities,” Greater Bay Airlines Chairman Wong Cho Bau said in a statement Friday.

Boeing Commercial CEO Stan Deal flew into Hong Kong to sign the agreement.

Greater Bay Airlines currently operates three older 737s serving destinations in Asia.

Boeing’s Max aircraft returned to commercial service in China in January after a nearly four-year absence following crashes involving the model in Indonesia and Ethiopia.

Friday’s order confirmed a Bloomberg News report on February 8.