Stock Etihad airways
Etihad is planning for a change of cloud platforms. Image Credit: Shutterstock

Dubai: Etihad Airways has signed a multi-year agreement with Kyndryl, which was spun out of tech giant IBM, to upgrade its IT infrastructure by facilitating the use of cloud platforms.

Etihad will tap Kyndryl to work closely with leading cloud providers to select fit-for-purpose platforms that are based on the specific requirements of Etihad’s mission-critical workloads. Over the next three years, Kyndryl will also help migrate and manage Etihad’s workloads across the new multi-cloud environment.

“Through a multi-cloud model, Etihad will have seamless access to advanced cloud services and be able to combine the capabilities that each cloud platform provides,” the airline said in a statement. “This will enable more efficient operations and bring innovation to market at a more rapid pace.”

Previously, the airline relied on a private cloud infrastructure – but to achieve further flexibility, it needed to adopt a cloud strategy that integrates various public cloud environments to support its workloads.

“As Etihad continues to evolve, its ability to push the boundaries of innovation and digitalisation within the aviation industry is necessary to create the next generation travel experience,” said Frank Meyer, Chief Digital Officer, Etihad. “The airline looks forward to working with Kyndryl as their expertise in cloud environments will support Etihad in becoming a more agile and sustainable airline.”