Sadhguru is taking on a 30,000 kilometre journey to spread the word on 'Save Soil'. The emphasis on clarity of messaging can resonate with marketers too.

Recently, I was fortunate enough to attend a session by Sadhguru on his latest initiative ‘Save Soil’. It not only opened my mind on the need for soil conservation but helped understand a few vital aspects of marketing that marketers need to follow to ensure brands under their care do not fade away from consumers’ mind.

A clear focus: It is important to know where we want our brand to be. If the focus is not clear, brands will get sidelined. Clarity has to be there at all stages. If brand custodians have no clear focus, we cannot expect consumers to accept the brand. In the session I attended, Sadhguru’s focus from the start was clear – outright dedication to saving the soil and, in the process, conserve nature.

Take ownership: Many a time strategizing happens at the top management levels, while execution is left to those much lower in the hierarchy. The latter is in no way involved in the thought process. The result is a lack of clarity. In the case of ‘Save Soil’ initiative, we see Sadhguru leading with his 30,000 kilometre journey to raise awareness. He has made it as his personal mission. Do I need to say more on the need for all those who are involved in the brand to take ownership?

Communication: Unambiguous communication is where Sadhguru scores. I have listened to several of his interactive sessions on social media and that experience acted as a catalyst for me to attend his live session. What I have observed is the clarity with which he presents his thoughts. There is not even an iota of ambiguity. The result is, the insights he shares remains strongly etched.

Brands should have direct unambiguous communication. There are certain brands that try to be everything for everyone with the result that they end up as nothing. Marketers should ensure that there is no compromise on this.

The power from using the right words: ‘Save Soil’. Just two words. Strong, powerful and direct. The desired action is clearly spelt out. Can marketers afford to miss the impact when right words are used. I don't think so.

Right connections: ‘Save Soil’ is a massive initiative and it is important to enlist the support of the right people to ensure success. Marketers also should go the extra mile to get the brand into the consideration of audiences who matter to them. Without establishing the right connection, brand acceptance will be negligible.

An eye on the goal: 100 days, 30,000 kilometres. Rain, hail or scorching heat are not deterrents in the Sadhguru journey. Marketers should have a clear eye on the end result. Only this will ensure that the brands under their care move forward in the desired path.

As Sadhguru reminded us before he stepped down from the stage, “Let us make it happen”. Yes, let us make it happen for the ‘Save Soil’ initiative as well as the brands that we work for.