Intel had always dominated the processor market, but then began to see sharp declines. Image Credit: iStockphoto

The market for computer processors and laptops has changed significantly, and these have even been felt on servers. Intel had always dominated the processor market, but then began to see sharp declines.

AMD, in which Abu Dhabi’s Mubadala Investment Company owns a share, has proved that its processors have a great ability to compete and, at times, surpass Intel processors, especially in processing video, audio, database operations, games, and anything that requires multitasking. Among the areas in which AMD outperforms is on the number of cores in the processor, which may reach 64. And if the tasks are calculated by distribution technology, it will be 128 threads.

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AMD processors have been adopted exclusively for home gaming devices such as Microsoft Xbox and Sony PlayStation since the launch of the fourth generation, and have evolved further with the fifth. They are characterized by their smaller size, reaching 7 nanometers, and are among the smallest architectures to this day. They will reach 5 nanometers soon.

It is worth noting that the devices that come with these processors are at better prices and specs than Intel, especially from the Ryzen 4 category onwards.

Pick up the ‘micro services’

It is one of the best ways for programming apps and systems. Through this pattern, the components of the programme are divided into several independent micro-services that may be programmed in different languages according to the programmer. But in the end, all these unite to form one integrated service app.

The advantage here is that this pattern enables the programme manager to develop each part separately without any effect on the others. If it is a commercial programme with intellectual property, then in this method, you ensure that each team only has a specific part of the full app.

The integration team is more important than others. Such an approach will certainly save money and time, and facilitate updating and adding services to other apps that need to take advantage of one of the parts. This pattern guarantees high performance due to its easy distribution on many servers... because the parts are already separated.

Automate the homefront

The role of technology has entered all aspects, and we are now talking about using technology at home in smart activating lamps, air conditioners, and curtains. And by using voice commands, all air conditioners in the home can be adjusted by one command at 24 degrees, at off-peak times, for example.

Put on the safeguards

The house is one of the most facets of life, and if we spend a lot of money in purchasing one and not enough on the most important requirements to preserve life, then the consequences will be detrimental. Smoke and carbon detectors have become indispensable, and some of these devices include a deadly carbon monoxide detector as you don’t know which devices are starting to burn.

One the best of devices is the Nest Smoke Detector, as they inform you through notifications in which room there is smoke or carbon. This type of device works with a battery that lasts up to three years. There are other devices as well, but they must be smart enough to inform you in which room the problem is instead of having us rush and search throughout the house.

Check ratings

Internet purchasing has become a habit for many, but one of the biggest challenges is finding the best thing that you may want to buy among the many versions. The best way to do that is to search for ratings and the choices of specialists. YouTube includes a lot of ratings and you need to look for comparisons even within the shopping site, if any. Sometimes you are surprised that the rating stars are few, because some of these could be deliberate placements by the competition.

One of the best rating sources is the website.

- Ahmed Al Zarouni is a Dubai-based tech specialist.