The sustainability drive needs keeping track and issuing scorings. In that regard, the Abu Dhabi CEC programme has plenty to offer. Image Credit: Shutterstock

The UAE’s energy sector is undergoing significant changes, shifting towards renewable and clean energy while diversifying the country’s energy mix in line with the UAE Net Zero by 2050 strategic initiative and the UAE Energy Strategy 2050.

To support the country’s efforts in achieving and realising its sustainability objectives, Emirates Electricity and Water Company is leading the transition. EWEC is collaborating with local and international partners, building effective relationships that enable the company to drive forward innovation, demonstrating the true power of collaboration as a force for good.

EWEC firmly believes in ‘the power of everyone’ and ‘bringing the strengths of people together to achieve success’. Through collaboration, diverse perspectives are welcomed and encouraged, silos are broken down, business goals achieved, and invaluable contributions towards the UAE energy sector’s sustained growth, development and diversification are made through collective efforts.

EWEC signed a strategic Memorandum of Understanding (MoU) with the Abu Dhabi Department of Economic Development (ADDED) to further enable Abu Dhabi-based companies across various industries to play a role in supporting and contributing to the achievement of both their own as well as the government’s sustainability objectives.

EWEC’s partnership agreement with ADDED promotes sustainability best practices and the adoption of Clean Energy Certificates (CECs) across the emirate’s industrial sector, while also reinforcing the competitiveness of the emirate’s energy sector.

The agreement builds upon and demonstrates the effectiveness of the Abu Dhabi Department of Energy (DoE) Regulatory Policy for CECs – a strategic policy that supports the decarbonisation of Abu Dhabi’s electricity value chain. CECs are a proven means of supporting long-term clean energy production and consumption, driving down corporate carbon footprints, and nurturing an ecosystem where environmental sustainability commitments are met.

The reception amongst the Abu Dhabi business community has been positive, with EWEC’s CEC auctions, held since 2021, attracting more and more businesses across sectors, welcoming the opportunity to decarbonise their energy consumption and advance their sustainability credentials.

Through CECs, EWEC is driving forward the competitiveness of the emirate’s energy sector with a view to embedding sustainability best practices and encouraging new, innovative solutions to energy challenges.

As testaments to the success and positive reception of CECs, EWEC has entered into clean energy partnerships with entities and companies across various sectors to enable them to participate in this innovative sustainability scheme. Importantly, EWEC partnered with ADNOC, which will see up to 100 per cent of its grid power supplied by EWEC’s renewable and clean sources. Another example is Aldar Properties, with a partnership that will see 100 per cent of Aldar’s owned and managed operating assets powered by EWEC’s clean energy sources for up to five years.

As Abu Dhabi and the wider UAE pursue a Net Zero future, EWEC will continue playing a leading decarbonisation role for years and decades to come. From promoting sustainable practices and developing innovative solutions to embarking on joint ventures and driving sustainable economic development, EWEC is already making vital contributions to the UAE’s long-term sustainability. Collaboration will always be the key enabler of advancement, achievement, and fulfilment.