The Sharjah-born, London-bred designer says he will enter the local fashion circuit only after establishing his eponymous label firmly in the United Kingdom.

"It is deliberate. I have grown up in London for more than 20 years and London has given me so much in regard to creativity. Also, London Fashion Week has a great foundation to it and lots of people know about it. Dubai Fashion Week is still very young. I wanted to level myself with the top and cutting edge players. After all, London is the core of fashion," says Al Qasimi. But he has not ruled out the possibility of appearing on the local fashion scene either. The designer, who was the toast of the fashion town after his outings at London Fashion Week (LFW), says he will make his debut in the UAE after creating a collection specifically for the Middle Eastern markets.

"I do see myself doing something out there. At the moment, the collection I pulled out during LFW was not very Middle Eastern-friendly. We branded it for the younger market. What I would like to do is to create something specific for the Middle East and Middle Eastern women," says Al Qasimi. The idea of introducing clothes for Middle Eastern women has been on his mind for quite some time.

"It has been there in the back of my mind but my label is not ready to go down that road — not just yet.

"I want to establish the label first in London and then when things kick off here, I will seriously consider it."

Al Qasimi, known for his bold avante-garde shapes, warrioresque patterns and structured jackets, is not very far from his target. Hailed as one of the most promising designers, celebrities such as Lady Gaga have already chosen his designs for their concerts.

The Middle Eastern designer attributes a lot of his success to his heritage. He is also overwhelmed by the goodwill generated from his fans back home in the UAE.

"In my clothes you will find a strong Middle Eastern influence. And the support that I have received from my people back home has been tremendous. I feel so blessed and I can't thank them enough."