Al Jazira
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Al Jazira Poultry Farm stands as an integral part of the UAE’s egg market, with over two decades of dedicated service. Today, it holds the esteemed position as the country’s largest egg producer, offering a diverse range of enriched eggs. Al Jazira proudly leads the way in introducing innovative products to the region, exemplified by its latest offerings – Smoked eggs and bespoke pasteurised eggs, the first-of-its-kind locally. The smoked eggs bring a unique flavour experience, providing the distinct aroma and taste of barbecue.

Furthermore, Al Jazira’s introduction of pasteurised eggs on demand marks a significant advancement in ensuring freshness and quality. By processing eggs only upon order and delivering them promptly, the company addresses concerns about storing pasteurised eggs for extended periods, thus preserving their intended benefits

Known as the brand leader in the market, Al Jazira Poultry’s eggs have earned the name Golden Eggs as they have rich golden yellow yolks. The company is also the first poultry company in the region to produce value added eggs, such as DHA, Omega-3 eggs, Super eggs and Lutein-enriched eggs as well as those produced by hens fed on certified organic feed.

Acknowledging their role as industry pioneers, an Al Jazira spokesperson highlights the company’s history of impactful contributions to the egg sector. From revolutionising packaging with shrink-wrapped paper trays and recycled PET bottles to the introduction of nutrient-enriched eggs, Al Jazira remains at the forefront of innovation.

Committed to maintaining the highest standards of food safety and hygiene, Al Jazira prioritises customer trust and loyalty. Their certifications and accreditations attest to their unwavering dedication to delivering eggs of unparalleled quality.

The accolades bestowed upon Al Jazira’s Golden eggs and Smoked eggs, including the Superior Taste Award 2023 from the International Taste Institute in Brussels, further validate the company’s commitment to excellence. Judged by Michelin star chefs, these awards underscore the superior taste and quality of Al Jazira’s products on a global stage.

Al Jazira’s freshest Golden eggs are delivered daily across the UAE.

“Our extensive fleet of temperature-controlled vehicles and a robust distribution network ensure that your favourite Al Jazira products are readily available across hypermarkets, supermarkets and grocery stores near you.

“Understanding our customer’s demand for getting fresh eggs to their doorsteps, we started the door delivery service of our wide variety of eggs, chicken and other poultry products with no minimum order requirement and no delivery charges for this service,” the spokesperson says.

“In addition to our commitment to delivering quality products, we actively engage with events promoting health, outdoor activities and community involvement projects emphasising the importance of robust health.

“By aligning with such initiatives, we not only advocate for fitness and well-being but also connect with our audience on a personal level, fostering positive brand associations with nourishing products and promoting an active lifestyle,” the spokesperson explains.

“At Al Jazira, we are committed to innovation and excellence. Continuously researching and exploring new technologies, materials, manufacturing processes, our dedicated team ensures that each product meets the highest standards of quality, reliability and consumer expectations,” the spokesperson adds.