Al Ain
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Established in 1979, Al Ain Poultry Farm is one of the largest poultry producers in the UAE, providing around 120 million eggs and 9 million chickens annually. The company has gained the trust and loyalty of its consumers by guaranteeing the best quality every day and not using any antibiotics or hormones in its production. Being a local company, Al Ain Farms also ensures delivery of fresh eggs and chicken from farm to shop within 24 hours.

As one of the largest companies in the UAE, Al Ain Farms has been playing an active role in the growth of the eggs category, investing heavily in production, packing, and storage to guarantee fresh food supply for the whole nation; provide an always better service; and meet consumers’ expectations. The company’s operational capacity has significantly increased in the last few years as well as the distribution coverage to the market, as the vision of the company is to serve and reach a much larger portion of the market with the best Al Ain Farms locally-made fresh eggs

Since 1979, Al Ain Farms has developed a rich and diverse portfolio of egg products, which keeps expanding year on year to meet consumers’ growing needs. The range consists of both standard and organic, free-range eggs. For standard eggs, it is offering 10 different formats and six different egg sizes, while the organic, free-range eggs are available in two formats, x10 and x6 trays. The organic eggs are produced in a certified organic farm respecting the organic standard requirements, which means the feed given to the flock is of organic origin, no pesticides are used during the farming process, and the antibiotic usage is restricted. Free-range eggs are produced from hens raised in the exterior environment, so they are allowed to roam around freely.

Moreover, to make the shopping experience as easy as possible for consumers, Al Ain Farms has introduced the colour coding to indicate the egg size. Each egg size is now represented on the pack with a different colour: large eggs are marked with a blue egg icon, medium with a violet egg icon, and small with a pink egg icon. This new design has the objective to make the egg shopping experience easier and enables instant recognition on the shelf of the exact egg format that consumers are looking for.