Ajman Free Zone
Image Credit: Supplied

From steel factories, advanced technology, oil and gas, and food and beverages to health and beauty, and textile production, Ajman Free Zone (AFZ) is home to more than 9,000 diverse businesses from over 165 countries.

Small and medium enterprises (SMEs) and multinationals enjoy the free zone’s cost-effective, tech-driven business support solutions and other benefits. As the base of their operations, AFZ has been instrumental in their expansion in the region.

With their numbers increasing, AFZ, ranked 7th in fDI Intelligence magazine’s list of the world’s best free zones, has now grown to become one of the region’s dynamic economic hubs. It attracts companies and foreign investors to Ajman and the UAE, offering them a one-stop service platform, the AFZ Customer App, a wide range of licensing options, and integrated facility packages, among others.

It has been consistently building its place in the region over the decades, winning the trust and confidence of business owners, SMEs, and entrepreneurs without fail.

Its competitiveness, partnerships, flexibility in legislation and regulatory frameworks, focus on new technologies, and the ease of setting up company operations remain a part of its appeal as a business hub.

In addition, its sustainability commitment, along with excellence and innovation practices, continues to gain the attention of its target market. In 2021, AFZ launched its five-year strategy. This move is seen to further sustain its gains and growth momentum in the modern day, thereby benefiting all companies operating in its business community.

AFZ has been successfully sustaining the growth of vital industries of all kinds since its establishment in 1988. Looking ahead, it remains committed to this mission: Provide a conducive, resilient environment for business growth regardless of the global market conditions.