Image Credit: Gulf News Archive

Abu Dhabi: The non-oil foreign trade through Abu Dhabi ports registered a 2.9 per cent growth during the first 11 months of 2021, totalling Dh190.20 billion compared to Dh184.93 billion during 2020. The trade registered imports worth Dh83.63 billion and non-oil exports of more than Dh71.17 billion, a growth of 5.4 per cent. Re-exports sector oversaw Dh35.3 billion in volumes, coming from a 10 per cent growth compared to Dh32.16 during the same period from year 2020.

The value of foreign trade through the ports of Abu Dhabi in November alone amounted to more than Dh20.35 billion. Abu Dhabi’s most important trading partners for the non-oil trade were:

• Saudi Arabia - Dh4.87 billion;

• China - Dh1.15 billion;

• US - Dh1.46 billion; and

• Oman - Dh1.144 billion

The value of non-oil merchandise trade was distributed during November as follows:

• Industrial supplies worth Dh11.56 billion;

• Production goods other than transportation equipment - Dh2.71 billion;

• Transport equipment - Dh2.49 billion;

• F&B worth Dh1.51 billion;

• Consumer goods of Dh1.96 billion;

• Fuel and lubricants worth Dh88.8 million; and

• Other goods with a value of Dh12.5 million.