DUNS100 business ranking
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The DUNS100 Achiever’s programme ranks UAE businesses in an accurate and reliable manner and offers them additional exposure opportunities. Here are five ways the programme can help UAE-based companies.

1. Transparency

Last year, new regulations were introduced in the UAE requiring companies to disclose lists of their shareholders, beneficial owners and nominee directors. The legislation illustrates the increasing importance of UAE business transparency. However, the legislation does not apply to companies listed in financial free zones or businesses owned by local or federal government.

Through becoming a part of the DUNS100 Achiever’s programme, leading companies in the UAE benefit from a comprehensive and transparent assessment from a team of expert analysts, ensuring information on aspects such as staff levels, profitability and turnover are presented in a clear and open way.

2. Credibility

CRIF Gulf (Dun & Bradstreet) is the UAE branch of a global organisation with 180 years of experience, specialising in solutions for managing risks and opportunities. It is one of Wall Street’s oldest data and analytics providers. It is also an organisation with a cloud-based database of more than 400 million users worldwide, offering UAE businesses unrivalled credibility on a global level.

3. In-depth analysis

The team of analysts at CRIF Gulf produce in-depth analysis of UAE companies across a broad spectrum of industries, ranging from healthcare providers, financial companies and IT and software organisations to construction and real estate firms, hospitality, retail and insurance companies. Through specialising in specific industries, such as law, it allows potential clients and customers to gather detailed and in-depth data, such as an organisation’s turnover and creditworthiness, across specific sectors. 

4. Enhanced visibility

Through Dun & Bradstreet’s long-established global status and reputation, UAE businesses are able to enhance their visibility through becoming part of the programme, not just in the Emirates and the region but also across the world. Global investors and customers will have access to reliable and credible information on leading UAE corporations, making it easier for different businesses to connect and collaborate. The DUNS100 Achiever’s programme also offers the representatives from the leading UAE businesses an opportunity to share their ideas on thought leadership on the homepage of Gulf

5. Networking opportunities

Through Dun & Bradstreet’s comprehensive cloud data base of more than 400 million users, the leading UAE businesses will have unprecedented opportunities to network with the like-minded people across industries. For instance, if you are insurance or financial services company seeking to improve your IT and software infrastructure, the DUNS100 programme will connect you with reliable and transparent information on different organisations, allowing you to network with the right people to help your UAE business grow and further succeed.

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