Sofia-Sacoor Founder-FOR-WEB
Sofia Sacoor, Founder, SU1

In a move that is as compassionate as it is entrepreneurial, Sofia Sacoor, a 17-year-old visionary battling Type 1 Diabetes, has founded SU1, an athleisure brand dedicated to changing lives. The brand’s name, inspired by Sofia's own nickname "Su" among friends and family, reflects its personal mission to support individuals like Sofia who face the daily challenges of Type 1 Diabetes.

“On a day marked by the challenge of multiple insulin injections, I found my purpose. SU1 is more than just a clothing line — it’s a lifeline for children with Type 1 Diabetes,” says Sofia Sacoor, the founder of SU1. Her journey since being diagnosed at the age of 8 has been fraught with trials, but also with triumphs. Sofia's experience during the lockdown was a pivotal moment that solidified her resolve to help others. “Realising that my ability to access insulin was a privilege, I saw a clear vision of what needed to change. We all share the same disease; it’s time we all share the same access to life-saving resources.”

SU1 is pioneering a business model where fashion meets philanthropy, pledging $5 or Dh20 from each sale towards institutions aiding children with Type 1 Diabetes. This unique approach has already borne fruit with a successful partnership with the Al Jalila institution in the UAE, and a forthcoming pop-up store in Kuala Lumpur’s Sunway Pyramid mall set to donate all revenues to Sunway Medical Centre.

The brand resonates with the vibrancy and hope of Generations Z and Alpha, aiming to reflect a “cool” and hopeful vibe through its sportswear designs. Despite its business underpinnings, SU1 is not all about the bottom line. “Our goal isn’t measured in profit, but in the number of lives we can touch. It’s about how many children we can reach, offering them hope and help,” elaborates Sofia.

With a global outreach strategy, SU1’s products are available online, ensuring that anyone, anywhere can support this noble cause. As the brand grows, so does its vision of expanding partnerships to support even more individuals living with Type 1 Diabetes around the world.

“Fitness isn’t a choice but a lifeline for individuals like me battling Type 1 Diabetes. Every drop of sweat is a testament to our resilience,” Sofia Sacoor articulates passionately. “SU1 is an homage to this spirit of unwavering strength. It's more than an athleisure brand; it's a movement encouraging a fit lifestyle which is crucial for people with diabetes, echoing the vigor we need every day to thrive.”

“Our garments are designed to inspire, to move, and to empower. Every stitch carries the hope for a healthier future and the belief that together, we can make a significant difference,” says Sacoor. “In every fiber of our brand, we weave the importance of health and fitness, vital for managing diabetes, and the belief that every individual deserves the chance to live an active, fulfilling life.”

SU1 is not just a brand; it’s Sofia Sacoor’s bold statement that fashion can indeed help change the world, one garment at a time.