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Folding wagons take care of any hauling tasks around the house without you having to break a sweat. Image Credit: Shutterstock

A utility pull cart is an all-purpose tool every household needs. It's built to haul heavy items from one destination to the next with little effort, becoming a convenient mode of transport for anything you can think of - garden tools, groceries, BBQ set-up and even the kids' beach toys.

Several outgoing families with active children will have a collapsible wagon stashed away in the trunk. Despite their lightweight construction, these carts can be stuffed to the brim, rolled to the site of the party or drop-off, and then folded down till the trip back. A UAE-based mum tells us how popular this tool has become among parents and why she's looking into getting one for her little one's outings. Scroll down to read what she said.

Besides transporting party gear, folding wagons are equally handy for moving around heavy belongings within a big house, preventing potential damage and injuries. If you want to make things easier for the whole family, we've got the best-rated wagons from Amazon below, where we assess their durability, wheels and load capacity.

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1. Best Overall: Mac Sports Classic Mac Wagon


  • Works for all purposes and terrains, even sand
  • Steel frame and mildew-resistant fabric
  • Adjustable telescopic handle that also tilts
  • Two 360-degree wheels
  • Comes with a carry case


  • Heavy at 11kg
  • No brakes

Mac Sports' Classic Mac Wagon is an excellent brand-name utility cart with over 13,000 five-star reviews. It's made with a heavy-duty powder-coated steel frame and 600D mildew and UV-resistant fabric. This means it's an all-weather companion for when you want to garden, head to the park or move a load as heavy as 68kg to and from different locations. You can lock the telescopic handle for added security, too, and store water and your phone in the two mesh rear pockets. The 11kg wagon quickly folds down accordion-style to a thickness of just eight inches, ready to be packed into its included carry case. Reviewers comment on how sturdy the build is and love that the wheels are wide enough to breeze through beach sand without getting stuck. Even though it's on the heavier side, buyers chalk up the weight to its stability in transporting bulky items.

2. Best for Light Loads: Coolbaby Outdoor Garden Cart


  • Durable waterproof fabric and iron frame
  • Carries up to 77kg
  • Rotating rubber wheels for most terrains
  • Adjustable handle
  • Comes with its own carry case


  • No brakes

This cart is a tried-and-tested wagon by a UAE mum for her child's play gear, as our expert tells us. Coolbaby's camper cart holds a bit more than the Mac Sports' wagon at 77kg, thanks to its steel and iron frame, durable 601D fabric and thick rubber wheels. The seven-inch tyres cross most terrains easily, especially with the 360-degree rotating mechanism and height-adjustable handle. Reviewers confirm that it's simple to fold and unfold, and carry around, relieving them of back pain and multiple trips to the car. At 8kg, some might still find the wagon unwieldy, though several have put it to good use for years in the sand and on the road. They also note that it's bigger than most of its competitors. The Coolbaby wagon comes in a wide assortment of colours.

3. Best All-Rounder: Hexar Heavy Duty Shopping Trolley


  • Carries up to 100kg load
  • Rotating all-terrain wheels
  • Two brakes to lock the front tyres
  • Height and angle adjustable handle


  • No carrying case

Hexar's utility wagon impresses with a weight limit of up to 100kg, allowing you to transport heavier items in one go. With more load comes the risk of the cart rolling away, which is why the 360-degree front wheels are equipped with brakes to lock the wagon in place. The handle is not only height adjustable but moves back and forth freely for an ergonomic pull. Like our previous options, the fabric is a durable double-layered 600D polyester fitted onto a steel frame. Buyers say that it's easy to fold and store into the boot of the car, and while there's no carrying bag, the wagon has handles in its folded form. You're also getting two mesh water bottle pockets.

4. Best for Heavy Loads: Gluckluz Folding Camping Wagon


  • Great for transporting very heavy gear
  • Height and angle adjustable handle
  • Carrying case makes storage seamless
  • Rotating front wheels


  • Wheels don't perform as well on muddy terrain and desert sand
  • No brakes

Check out the Gluckluz camping wagon if you're heading out with tents, barbecue gear and chairs. This folding cart can carry items totalling up to 110kg in weight, supported by a powder-coated steel frame and a 600D polyester fabric. It has anti-slip PVC wheels, of which the two front tyres rotate to help with faster turns. Like the Herax wagon, the handle is height adjustable along with the angle of the bar, making it easier to control. Once you fold it down, reviewers love that the carrying case does an excellent job of disguising the cart into a neat rectangle. Whether gravel or grass, the wagon glides over most hard terrains smoothly, say camping enthusiasts, though the wheels don't perform as well on wet and soft ground. They've loaded camping equipment, coolers and firewood into it without issue, and some take the capacity up to 160kg as well.

5. Best Wheels: Ggerou Outdoor Utility Wagon


  • Wide rubber wheels for better grip
  • Brakes to lock the wagon in place
  • Height and angle adjustable handles
  • Carries up to 100kg


  • Heavy at 11kg
  • No carrying case

In the soft desert sand, you'll have better luck with wide wheels. The Ggerou folding wagon comes with seven-inch rubber tyres that are four inches wide, rotate 360 degrees and lock with brakes. The wagon will easily accommodate a weight of 100kg in its 97.1-litre capacity, and the handle is fully adjustable by height or angle. Reviewers put it through several beach trips and confirm its solid build and smooth pull, regardless of the wagon's 11kg weight. The wheels are especially reliable on sandy terrain.

Do I need a folding wagon?

If you tend to picnic or head out to the beach when the weather's pleasant, a wagon will help you haul necessary BBQ items and sports gear to the spot and back. Image Credit: Pexels/RDNE Stock project

A multipurpose wagon is great for everyone, but families who frequent the outdoors with children will benefit the most. Nawrin Ela Huq, a luxury travel influencer on Instagram (@nawrin.ela.huq) and a mum based in Dubai, says the wagon is now a common sight in parks and beaches.

As Huq's three-and-a-half-year-old finds herself outgrowing the baby stroller, a wagon seems to be the family's best option for carrying her daughter's gear wherever they go. "My daughter doesn't like the stroller anymore, and it used to be convenient for us because you could hang things from the stroller and push it around. I've seen people use wagons - they're quite popular - and they also hold a lot more than the stroller," said Huq.

If you tend to picnic or head out to the beach when the weather's pleasant, a wagon is going to be a much better option than a stroller for hauling gear and large toys like a kid's scooter. The same advice comes from a picnic planner we previously spoke to who considers the wagon to be an immense help with setting up.

Huq's little one is also fond of beaches, camping and going to the park, so the shopping decision is a no-brainer for the mum. Her conviction comes from a friend who tried out a Coolbaby wagon and loved it for her son. "My friend's son used a wagon for trips to the pool, park and the beach as he walked. She said that they can carry a lot, though you have to watch out for flimsier ones," added Huq.

Wondering if your child can ride in one? Then you're looking for stroller wagons, a separate category of wagons that is a better, safer option for transporting your kids, complete with canopy, built-in seating and harness belt.

What features should I look for in a wagon?

Wagons with a strong metal frame should be your priority. Your cart is only going to be as good as its ability to manage load effortlessly. Aside from being sturdy, Huq says that it must be fully collapsible to "fit in the trunk of the car when it's not being used".

Another feature choice for Huq is a rotatable handle that can be pulled in every which way to allow for more freedom of movement. Most wagons come with height adjustable handles that also tilt all the way to the base and up, letting you cut turns faster.

Lastly, folding wagons are sometimes known as beach wagons because of how easily they can roll through sand. Make sure your wagon has all-terrain wheels or tyres that tread well on fine sand without sinking and getting stuck.

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