Auto review 2019 hyundai santa fe
The all-new Santa Fe is a fine offering, and with prices starting from as low as Dh94,300 for the 2.4-litre four-cylinder model... Image Credit: Anas Thacharpadikkal

Hyundai has always been a bit unfair to the Santa Fe, I feel. The mid-size SUV has always been forced to be in the shadows of its siblings. As ungainly and listless as it was, the first generation model was just gaining traction as the brand’s leading crossover SUV, when Hyundai brought the Veracruz above it as their largest family hauler.

Since 2006, the Santa Fe has been fighting a domestic battle for attention with the overrated Veracruz and the more popular Tucson. And then in 2014, the Korean giant killed the Veracruz off and made the seven-seat version of the Santa Fe their leading SUV. And just when it was starting to enjoy the limelight, Hyundai again brings the Palisade above it as their flagship model.

While this once again makes it an inbetweener sandwiched by the entry-level Tuscon and the new range-topper, there’s no denying the fact that the Santa Fe is a highly practical family SUV that has contributed significantly in changing brand perception in global markets. And it’s become even more attractive in its current all-new fourth-generation form. The design of the new model is more in line with Hyundai’s new corporate look, featuring the signature Cascading Grille and the Composite Light cluster that comprises slim LED Daytime Running Lights placed above LED headlights. The overall appearance of the SUV is bolder than the previous models, with sharp lines and creases adding to its muscular stance...

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