Auto 1966 Cadillac Sedan Deville
Tariq Al Hajeri’s beautiful 1966 Cadillac Sedan Deville Image Credit: Aiza Castillo-Domingo


Name: Tariq Al Hajeri

Job: IT Auditor

From: Abu Dhabi

Wheels: 1966 Cadillac Sedan Deville

In the UAE: Born here

Welcome to My Wheels, Tariq. We love your Sedan Deville! How did you come across it?

I was searching for an original 1966 Cadillac as I know these cars very well — I already have a 1966 Custom Coupé Deville. I wanted another one but totally original, so I asked my friend Eric Varah, who was living in the UAE two years ago and is now back home in the US, to find me one and he got this gorgeous car, which belonged to the Georgia Cadillac/LaSalle club president.

We remember Eric well — we featured his blue 1979 Trans Am on these very pages (issue 507). He sure has an eye for a clean car…

He really does. He knows what to look for when it comes to classic American cars and he sure found me a top-quality Caddy.

This car has 63K original documented miles, immaculate original paint, pristine original vinyl top, and mint condition original interior. I love the elegant colour combination: Tuxedo black and Strathmore white. An example of how clean and well kept this car is the fact none of the cigarette lighters have ever been lit, and the ash trays are pristine. It was everything I was looking for so I bought it and had it shipped it to the UAE. I have had it since last June but I remember the day it arrived here. It was in such good shape that I was taken by surprise.

It is 50 years old now but it looks brand new. How do you maintain it?

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