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Called upon for action

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Called upon for action

On the one hand I applaud the interest of the American government for issuing gun licences to their citizens for their personal safety, but on the other hand, this gun culture is not being utilised properly for the interest of the people (“US gun lobby agrees to examine ‘bump stocks’ after Las Vegas massacre”, Gulf News, October 8). It leads to more innocent lives being lost, which is unacceptable. We have been seeing the lives of innocent civilians being taken by the ‘gun culture’ in many public places, and it is increasing day by day. Mainly because of the attitudes and nature of the gun holders, many are in the possession of illegal weapons. My appeal to President Donald Trump’s administration is to completely eradicate the menace of issuing gun licences to their people, not just for the safety of the American people, but also for visiting expatriates. Will the present administration take this call?

From Mr K. Ragavan


Beauty in limitation

For me, social media applications are an excellent tool to keep yourself connected with your friends and family all around the globe (Social media vs personal interactions”, Gulf News, October 8). But yes, a majority of the people who I know or are on my friend list keep updating their day to day activities, which I think is a sheer waste of time. When people flaunt their lavish lifestyles it makes me feel inferior and not up to the mark. Posting pictures of your happy life, children, new home and new car doesn’t help you gain more respect. It indeed makes the people who cannot afford the same feel less satisfied with their lives. It creates mental stress to achieve and give more importance to materialistic things. On a personal level, I am not a part of many social media platforms. I use WhatsApp to keep in touch with my family and close friends. The main purpose of social media is to socialise with your family, old friends and meet new people but I think people have lost the meaning of it. Again, it’s an individual’s choice as to how they want to maintain their privacy on these social networking sites. I am not a person who uploads pictures of herself or her family. I decide who should know what about me. Whether I am travelling to Mumbai or Melbourne, I just inform those who are supposed to know my whereabouts. I may sound anti-social to you, but I make sure to use only those applications which help me in socialising with like-minded people.

From Ms Sufiya Zaheer Ahmed


A lesson to learn

It is a miracle that the family of three managed to survive the accident with minor injuries (“Pakistani family survive fall from RAK mountain”, Gulf News, October 7). I hope they recover soon. Also, the efforts of the Ras Al Khaima Police Air Wing are laudable. To be able to pull the family out of their car that had plunged into a deep area is commendable. It is only through timely intervention that these lives could have been saved. This incident should serve as a lesson to other motorists who over speed, are reckless and over-take on dangerous roads, putting themselves and others at risk.

From Ms Fatima Suhail


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A miracle

It is indeed a miracle. Thank God the family is fine. I just can’t imagine the whole situation. I shudder at the thought of them falling off the peak. Really sad that the mother has fractured her leg but I’m very glad to know that the family is fine.

From Ms Sammira Mohi Al Deen


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Infants aren’t garbage

Years of struggle, nine months of pain, with this being the end result for a child (“Workers find baby’s body in bin”, Gulf News, October 8)? How fair is this? People are struggling to have children here, at least give the baby to them, instead of throwing it away. There should be some difference between garbage and infants!

From Ms Sairah Zakir


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Healthy babies important

My two-year old son weighs 12kgs and all our family members say that he is thin and needs to get fat (“Orthorexia: When ‘healthy eating’ ends up making you sick”, Gulf News, October 8). However, I don’t want him to get fat. I am concerned. He’s a healthy baby who likes running around and enjoying himself. If he puts on weight he will be unhealthy and lazy. Parents need to stop overfeeding their children. If your child is hungry they will tell you. Don’t force feed them and give them junk food.

From Ms Naseera Naz Khan


President taking a stand

The Philippines President is doing a great job and he is what our country needs right now (“Duterte worried by Catholic Church’s offer”, Gulf News, October 7). We thank him for his strong political will. Another ‘Narco mayor’ has fallen and the mighty corporations will have to start following the law, paying their full tax liability, which has been due for a long time. Things are going to the right places, slowly but surely.

From Ms Lee Amity


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