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Buckle up, keep your children safe

Readers write to Gulf News about issues affecting them and their community

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Buckle up, keep your children safe

Many a times, I have noticed young children not buckled up, sitting in the front seat, sticking their head out of the window and seated in the arms or lap of another passenger. Once, I even saw a child sitting on the lap of the driver! Hopefully, with the implementation of the new car seat and seatbelt law, these incidents will become rare. Instead of taking this matter as an inconvenience, let’s appreciate the authorities’ move towards enforcing child car safety. Parents, too, need to take the safety of their children seriously by securely seating youngsters aged below four in car seats and ensuring that children above four years old are wearing seatbelts.

Children’s safety is more important than the initial cost behind it, for the cost of losing a loved one is more difficult to handle. Dear parents, please show your love to your children not by allowing them to do as they please, but by buckling them up and keeping them safe. We as children should listen to our parents and follow the rules, as this is for our own safety. After all, life is priceless.

From Ms Madiha Ahmad


A morbid fascination?

I’m happy that something is being done about these rubberneckers (‘Gulf News: The Storytellers - Video: Watching accidents in UAE can cost you Dh1,000’, Gulf News, July 8). I don’t get the morbid fascination of many drivers to stop and watch when an accident happens. Not to mention, the traffic they are causing! Thumbs up to the UAE police.

From Ms Nikki Caz


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Curious people

That’s great, most people are creating traffic not because of the accident, but because they want to see details by slowing down. Sometimes when I’m stuck in traffic, I am imagining a big accident and blocked roads, but eventually I am surprised after reaching to the accident point, seeing that it was minor and the cars involved are on the side, but people still have to stop to see.

From Mr Zaheer Arshad

Abu Dhabi

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Keep moving!

The amount of times traffic is caused just because people are trying to see the accident after it has happened is awful. Most of the time it is just a small bump. Stop slowing down traffic to have a look at a bent bumper. Move on!

From Mr Abdin Ahmad


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Stops the rescue team

Yes, rubbernecking should not be allowed as it makes traffic slow down and it blocks everyone – including the rescue team trying to get there!

From Mr Ahmad Junaid


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Let children go to school

The child must enjoy her life first before entering marriage (‘Classmates rescue Indian child bride’, Gulf News July 7). I can’t blame people who don’t know any better - that’s their tradition, but don’t force your children to marry at a very young age. Children who are willing to go to school have a brighter future ahead. Don’t let poverty be a hindrance to one’s success. The grip of poverty ends once our children are willing to finish their studies. God bless you.

From Ms Maria Leonor


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No respect!

The surgeon must be ashamed for having breached the modesty of his patient by posting a video on Facebook of her undergoing treatment (‘Surgeon suspended over semi-nude patient video’, Gulf News, July 7). His medical licence should be cancelled so he cannot practise, because he clearly does not have any respect for his profession. Also, he should compensate the woman he had filmed.

From Ms Fatima Suhail


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Affecting daily life

Like demonetisation in India, we do wholeheartedly welcome the new Goods and Services Tax (GST) to visualise a better tomorrow (‘Earnings to set trend for India stocks’, Gulf News, July 9). At the same time, it would be wrong to say that we aren’t worried about the changes to our daily life. There are many day-to-day essential items like water, pulses, oil, soap, communication and petrol that the tax rate of which could have been nil or fixed at the minimum five per cent. Being a senior citizen, apart from the new taxes, the drastic cut in the interest rates on terms deposits with nationalised banks are the biggest worry for us. We are confident that the National Democratic Alliance (NDA) government, especially the Prime Minister and Finance Minister would reconsider the new tax rates and give relief on day-to-day essential items and also increase the bank term deposit rates to help the citizens of the nation.

From Mr N. Mahadevan

Mylapore, India

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