Lamb Chops
Time to stock up on some lamb?

Dubai: When analysing the cost of poultry, beef and lamb over the past 11 weeks, useful consistant trends were observed, a pattern that can assist a shopper in saving money in both the short run and even more so in the longer term. Over the last 11 weeks, it was observed to be cost-effective to buy fresh chicken largely during the start of the week, whereas the cost of other poultry items like frozen chicken and eggs stayed the same in the past couple of months.

Cost of fresh chicken drops most Mondays

The price of fresh chicken was seen to continue to dip at the start of the week, mostly every Monday - making it an ideal time to buy and stock up on it. However, there were a few instances wherein prices dropped just ahead of the weekend as well. So, be on a lookout when you go shopping this weekend, keeping in mind that a kilogram of the meat is currently at its cheapest price level of Dh10.9.

On the other hand, the price of beef and lamb, be it variants from Australia, India, Pakistan or the UAE, have stayed the same, as has been the trend, and did not witness any fluctuation in prices. However, good news for some would be that the per kilogram cost of the Indian variant of beef dropped by about Dh10 in the previous weeks, and has stayed at the comparatively lower price level since. 

While beef from Australia stayed steady at Dh38 per kilogram, beef from India cost Dh28.3 and regionally it was priced at Dh42.6. When it comes to lamb, the Australian variant of the meat cost Dh32.9 per kilogram, while the type from India was Dh36.5, from Pakistan it cost Dh37.7 and regionally prices started at Dh45.2.

So, if not in the mood for some chicken, why not try these other non-vegetarian options instead.