Viral snake jump video
A screenshot of the video as kids use a dead snake as a skipping rope Image Credit: YouTube/Screengrab

New Delhi: Many a social media user must have skipped a heartbeat after watching a YouTube video of three Vietnamese children merrily skipping using a dead snake as a rope.

After the clipping went viral, users were either outraged or had a humorous take. It was not clear when the video was shot, or where.

In the clipping, two children can be seen shaking the dead reptile as a rope while a girl skips merrily. A female voice in the background can be heard encouraging the children to continue.

Reacting to the clipping, a Twitter user remarked: "Well this is a new way to make your meat tender before serving it."

Another was reminded of a game: "All that's missing is the ladders".

One user was clearly reminded of recycling: "Reuse! Good on them."