Tote Bag
Image tweeted by Nurhan Image Credit: Twitter

Who doesn't love tote bags? These bags are so popular; they're fashionable yet comfortable. People normally use these bags if they are hitting the beach or shopping around town.

But a new kind of tote bag came to light when a twitter user shared a picture of an upcycled Basmati rice sack for sale on an online platform. This particular fashion bag is being sold online in Chicago and Nurhan, a Twitter user, shared a screenshot of it.

"Royal basmati rice. Premium aged rice. Naturally aromatic from the foothills of the Himalayas," are the lines printed on the sack. "Tote made from a basmati rice bag," reads the description provided by the website. Thousands of people on the microblogging platform were left stunned to discover that "Basmati rice tote bags" are a thing that actually exists.

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Several users found the idea as creative. Resharing the tweet, Tweep @ferdalump commented: "Honestly, I appreciate the upcycling & eco-friendly aspect of it. And this type of packing material has been used for both necessity & fashion forever."

Another Twitter user @iamkoshiek posted: "People who drink 'chai tea' will buy this."

Tweep @itsvisher said: “ I don't find anything wrong in buying that. At the end, it's serving the purpose, I don't care what's written on it. Something different than star faces or some japanese anime character.”

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While many said that the Basmati rice bags were bizarre, others applauded people for recycling and reusing. The tweet has gone viral on Twitter with over 74,000 likes and around 10,000 retweets.