Tallest family
Guinness World Records reveals the world’s tallest family is an average of 203.29 cm tall Image Credit: Supplied

New York: The shortest person on this family is 6'2. The Trapp family from Duluth, Minnesota has achieved the Guinness World Records title for tallest family. The family is an average of 203.29 cm (6 ft 8.03 in) tall.

The heights of each family member measure at:

• Kristine Trapp, mother: 191.2cm

• Scott Trapp, father: 202.7cm

• Savanna Trapp, daughter: 203.6cm

• Molly Steede, daughter: 197.26cm

• Adam Trapp, son: 221.71cm

“I love saying I’m the shortest person in the world’s tallest family at 191.2 cm!” joked Kristine.

Tallest family
Trapp family hold their record certificate Image Credit: Supplied

They also joke that they are easy to find in a group of people; “just look up.”

Scott and Kristine say that height runs in the family, but their kids are much taller than the extended family. However, the extended family appreciates the Trapps family’s height. “They think it is useful for household projects. They don’t ever need a ladder,” adds Scott.

The Trapp family leans on each other during the ups and downs of their extraordinary height. “It’s so nice to have someone else to look up to and someone to understand what you are going through being tall,” Molly shared.

Each family member experiences unique situations due to their height. The popular response amongst them is that they frequently hit their heads on doorways, ceiling fans, and overhead lighting.

The unanimously agrees with another difficulty: finding clothing, especially pants and shoes. Nonetheless, Adam, the tallest of the family says his daily routine is like the average person. “I still put my pants on one leg at a time like most people. They are just really long pants.”

Growing up, Savanna, Molly and Adam excelled in sports growing up. Their height and hard work ethic propelled them to success. Savanna was recruited by UCLA to play Division I basketball, Molly played volleyball in college, and Adam was a star basketball player in high school. They had the advantage of being able to easily block shots in their respective sports.

Savanna, Molly, and Adam, excel in life as a result of their experiences.

Savanna adds that family hopes that their new Guinness World Records title “empowers others who are unique or feel different. There is joy and freedom in embracing who you are. Rock what you got. There is nobody else like you and that is fantastic.”